2007 Expedition Fuel delivery

castillo6992castillo6992 Member Posts: 1
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Ok i have a 2007 expedition EL 5.4 i try and start it and fuel pump does not cycle but then i disconnect battery cable and reconnect and i can hear it cycle and start ive replaced new fuel pump


  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    Have you replaced the fuel pump relay?
    Next time, before you disconnect the battery, give the fuel pump relay a good tap and see if it starts then.
    If it does, replace the relay. If it doesn't, have someone turn the key on and off and see if you can feel the relay click. Even if it does click, doesn't mean it is working. But if it doesn't click, either you lost power to the relay, which could be a fuse or the relay is bad.
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