Car Buying Advice - Leasing Honda CR-V EX-L AWD, Ford Edge Titanium AWD, & Acura RDX AWD w/Tech?

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Hi there,

Really new to the car buying/leasing process, as I've been living abroad and biking everywhere for the last 5 years (plus 3 car-free years in NYC). So forgive me if my questions are obvious!

I'm interested in one of the 3 cars mentioned in the title, but I'm having a hard time finding the best overall value for my money. I am about 90% sure I want to lease, but also not totally closed off to buying. I'm located in the Philadelphia area, if that helps for a reference point.

Can anyone offer any advice or first-hand experience with any of these vehicles? It seems that there aren't many deals on the Honda CR-V, for example, presumably because they're so popular, but is it a much better vehicle than the others and therefore worth pursuing? In contrast, there seem to be really good deals for the Acura RDX - why so many good Acura deals but hardly any Honda deals? And I haven't really heard much talk about the Ford Edge but I see them all over the place.

I've test-driven all 3 and liked them all, but of course a test drive is only part of the equation. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!

Thanks in advance!


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    Hello @andreasanders I personally have not driven these three vehicles but I know the CR-V is well liked by its owners. There currently are no great lease deals on the CR-V because demand is high. The RDX leases well because Acura makes a quality product and they have the highest resale for any Luxury brand (overall). The RDX has a 58% residual for 36 months and 15K miles a year.

    The Edge is a nice crossover, but the residual is less at 51%. Please feel free to let me know if you have any leasing questions or if you would like me to review any offers.

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    @Blake Thanks so much, Blake!!
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