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image2017 Tesla Model 3 Sedan First Drive | Edmunds

We get our first seat time in the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, a car that could make or break the new automaker.

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  • wiseoldfartwiseoldfart Member Posts: 40
    "Thirty minutes of Supercharging will add 137 miles of range, and it can absorb as much as 37 miles per hour if using a higher-capacity, 40-amp Level 2 home charger or the supplied NEMA 14-50 cord adapter when backed by 240-volt, 50-amp electrical service."

    Sorry, but until a 10-minute recharge at a charging station can get me over 200 highway miles, I'll stick with either a Camry gasser or opt for the 2018 Camry LE hybrid, which is rated at over 50 mpg due to its lithium battery pack. The interior of the Model 3 looks cheap as hell! I doubt it will be reliable. I wish Toyota would produce a better e-car at a lower price before year 2020.
  • yerth10yerth10 Member Posts: 431
    Certainly Camry hybrid is good, but its sold in limited basis. Last month Model-3 sold 14,250 units which is more than all Toyota hybrid vehicles sold last month. Interior of Model-3 is not only great, but its the 1st car which uses card as a key. Toyota Prius sales are sinking and they will never produce a car as good as Model-3.
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