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What would cause my 2007 VW Jetta to stall at a stoplight?

garcia_garciagarcia_garcia Member Posts: 1
edited October 2017 in Volkswagen
Recently my Jetta 2.5 turned off after stopping at a stop signal. The A/C stayed on, and I turned on the emergency lights. I shut off the A/C. When the vehicle turned off, the battery warning light came on. Only that light. I put it in park and tried turning the key, but nothing would hapoen. No noise, or clicking. A few seconds passed and I tried again and it turned on normally. Has not happened again since that time. This was 2 days ago. Any ideas of what it might have been?


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    0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Since it shut off by itself and it didn't want to restart and finally started after a couple tries, then thinking about how the system works, if the ignition switch (the plastic part) is loose, it is possible it is a problem and may not be making contact.

    But.........what you really need to do is to have a shop that has the capabilities to scan the body controls to see if there may be some codes related to the start/security circuits.
    Without that information, you can run in circles trying to figure it out.
    A standard scanner isn't likely to provide the information, so if you tried that, you may have come up empty.
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    davidf59davidf59 Member Posts: 6
    Daughters 2004 Jetta had sporatic engine shutting down. After a bit it would start and run normal until days later and it would happen again.
    ODB codes said lean fuel and O2 sensor were in error. Replaced O2's and that cleared but car would occasionally stop again.
    Local Friend said possibly Crank Position Sensor so I replaced that and no change.
    P2077 said lean fuel and possibly MAF issue. Replaced that and no change.
    Looked at the filter and it appeared to be original with car at 170,000 miles figured I would replace it as well. Supply connector was frozen so I took it to a shop and they found the fuel pump was failing. Lots of black debris drained out when I removed the vent line on the filter.
    Pump and filter replaced and car seems to be running smooth and normal.
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    rickdonrickdon Member Posts: 123
    Check also the ignition coil. Look for cracks or moisture in the coil.
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