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Looking for detailed pricing information on the 2017 or 2017.5 Rogue S AWD or similar. Looks like as of 8/4/17 there are new rebates of 1500 Customer Cash, + 500 NMAC cash if you finance with standard rates and pass on the 0%. Looking for Percent under MSRP or dollars under Invoice. My general thought is to offer 3k under invoice (after the 1500+500) but not sure that will work. I'm surprised there was only a LEASE thread and not a Purchase price thread. It's what made edmunds so valuable to a buyer. I'm in Chicago as an FYI.


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    Hello @Hamsalad I built and priced out a 2017.5 Rogue S AWD using Edmunds True Market Value. Edmunds True Market Value or TMV pricing is a powerful tool that helps shoppers get a good deal on a new or used car. Based on actual sales data, TMV is a guide to what other people in your area paid for the same car. You can build, price and obtain TMV on any car with the link below.

    According to TMV the MSRP on a base S AWD Rogue is $26,730, the average selling price is $25,318 and the invoice price is $25,720. Taking advantage of the two rebates ($1,500 and $500) available the adjusted TMV would be $23,318. I do not see an offer of $3,000 below invoice and rebates being accepted, I believe a fair starting offer would be about $1,000 below invoice and rebates.

    The above being said any finance rate above 2.5% would cost more in interest than the rebates and I would use the 0% interest which is available for 72 months.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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    Here is an update, I researched with several Chicago suburban Nissan dealers in pursuit of a 2017.5 Rogue AWD S with Appearance Package and a total total MSRP of 27,770. Rebates totalling 2500 are currently available as of this date in August on either the 2017 or 2017.5. Turns out that most dealers were able to offer total discount of about 3800 to 4100 under invoice ($2500 of the rebates were part of this amount). Keep in mind that there are still many dealers that will bait and switch or try to preload with bogus accessories like $200 nitrogen treatments or other BS, but if you know the car you want and search specific inventory available on Nissan's Website and are vigilant you can find the right deal. Check out dealer reviews on google and other review sites and you will often find there is a reason for the rating variances between dealers. Well I bought a Rogue and I love it so far. It's an very nice car and total OTD after Tax was approximately 23,500 but I also had a trade that reduced the tax about 700 so factor that in if you compare to a ROGUE AWD S. I also took standard nissan rate of 3.19 in addition to the 1500 rebate and also financed for 48 months and plan to pay it down more quickly if possible. Using the 0% would require me to forfeit the 1500 rebate and the total accumulated interest over 4 years is about $930. My offer of just under 22000 was accepted by 5 local dealers. That's 4k under invoice based on the current standard incentive/rebates.
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    @Hamsalad Thanks for the update and congrats on the purchase of your Rogue! That sounds like a great deal!

    Please feel free to reach out anytime you have any car shopping questions!

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    Ive had a few dealers offer me some deals on 2017 CPOs... with the lowest being 18500+TTL+financing for a 2017 Nissan Rogue SV with 17k miles. Is this a fair deal? My target is 17500-18000+TTL+(maybe financing) and I've had dealers try to sell me 2017 CPOs at 24k (it was a rental, had cosmetic issues, was missing a key, had a tire replaced, etc). I called their bluffs several times and have seen the prices drop $5000 in less than 2 weeks. My long game strategy is to get them to continue to do so, because I do not believe the car is worth the $24 they are asking for (better yet the $20k)

    Am I being realistic or am I being a hard headed fool that just needs to bite on a good thing?

    Please let me know! First car purchase of my life time!
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