94 LeSabre stalling/won't start

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I have a 94 LeSabre, 200,000 mi. I've had it for a little over a year now. Motor still runs strong...... when its running. When I bought it I had to replace the crank sensor and it then started right up. While I was at it I replaced the starter, MAS, TPS, O2 sensor, plugs, plug wires and the ECM. And for all my efforts..... it stalls randomly at any speed, idle temp whenever. Then suddenly won't start. Sometimes it will eventually start but is presently not starting and appears to have no spark. I've heard that the prob may be with the computer, but idk and can't read the codes without taking it to the dealer. Oh.... also replaced the fuel pump and filter. Its no longer a $300 car! Wich is what I paid for it. But when running, it runs great and I've never had a better car inbthe snow, so I hate having to thinknabout getting rid of it. Anyone have any constructive suggestions?

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