Help, not sure why my 2005 GP computer is glitching after a new Transmission put in a week ago-

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Hello, I'm not very car lingo literate, but I have a 2005 Pontiac GP that I had to replace the Trans last week and since I've gotten it back, my computer gauges are glitching. I'm not sure if they broke a wire in the wiring harness when they put the Tranny back in or if something is also up with the starter but everything worked fine until I got my car back. I'm getting Error MI on my screen, ABS failure popping up, Traction control is going on and off, Check gas cap is coming on, Check brake fluid comes on, the gas tank is FULL and all of a sudden it will chime and say "Low Fuel" but I just put a full tank in? Then the air conditioning goes off and stops blowing cold. I'll keep driving it down the road and then it will all start working again, then a few mins later, back to error messages.

When I first got it, it wouldn't even start. The guy is like oh maybe the battery terminals are loose. I stood there and thought.." seriously dude, I just paid you 2k to fix my car and your mechanics can't even tighten the terminals right?" So he fiddled with the terminals, then it started but I told him, (because it was making a ticking sound when I turned the ignition) that it sounded like something was wrong with my starter that was only a year old?? He checked the Alt and ran a test, everything came back ok except I needed a new 'idle air control'.. which I just ordered, waiting for it to come in tomorrow. (was told that wouldn't affect the computer)?

Anyone else having issues with their GP like this after having any major work or Trans work done on their car? Just curious if this is common with these GP's? Never had any real issues until now. I know my car is old but I have kept it in pristine shape, I was hoping to drive it until it started to rust out. Not sure if it's worth fixing, or if I should have the trans shop take a look at it, I'm telling you guys, this sounds like something they did when they did the work? yes or no? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have a video I can upload if you want to see what it's doing? (have to figure out how to share it here)..
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