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I am out to buy 2017 Honda CRV-EX, please suggest me best negotiated MSRP or Out to door price to consider for this vehicle, please advise as I need car in a week.....


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    Hi @pks_007 Thank you for reaching out to Edmunds! I'd love to help out here in any way I can.Would you be able to tell me your zip code so I can calculate the fees, and whether or not you were going with Front Wheel Drive, or All Wheel Drive? I'll look at all the figures and tell you what would be considered a great deal. In the meanwhile, check out one of my favorite articles, which shows you what fees you should, and shouldn't pay. Please let me know any questions you may have along the way. I look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way that I can.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi @ChaseBellows , Thanks for response.

    ZIP - 08536

    I got a offer of $28999 including all taxes and fees, Is that a good offer to consider.

    I am still feeling it should be 1K less.

    please guide me.
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    Hey @pks_007 Thanks for your reply and the information. Looks like an OTD price of $29k. According to our Edmunds TMV, the avg. price in your area is about $300 above invoice, at $27,663. However, your deal appears to be below that. The average documentation fee in NJ is at $399. In addition to that, sales tax at this TMV at 6% is $1,654. We estimate the registration to be $414. Before the minor fees such as electronic processing fees and other very small fees, the taxes alone equal about $2,567. If this deal was based on TMV, you'd be at $30,230. Your deal is about $1,200 below that, and about $900 or so below invoice. In my opinion, I would take this deal with no hesitation. Everything looks great! Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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    @ChaseBellows, to give you clear picture, it was layout as below :smile:

    doc fee - 398
    tax - 1845 (6.85%)
    DMV - 301

    If I decide to Lease on this offer, what you suggest to pay monthly including tax , 12K miles and 48 month lease ?
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    Perfect! @pks_007 I like real figures vs. estimates. Looks like I was about $20 off overall. I can certainly look up a lease for you, though we suggest going for a 36 month lease to get the max benefit out of a lease. If you're making payments on a vehicle for 4+ years, you might as well buy it outright! Would you like me to estimate payments on a 36 month term?
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    @ChaseBellows , I really appreciate your quick response and advise.

    yes, please give me 36 months ,12K miles lease monthly price including tax. and what will be residual value after 36 months and lease %APR to consider ?

    I was planning for 48 months because I have that much stay left to stay.
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    My absolute pleasure! @pks_007 Unfortunately, Honda doesn't have any special Money Factor options on the CR-V. The MF (Interest on a lease) is 0.00200, or 4.8%. However, residual value at 12k per year is 63% for 36 months, and 55% for a 48 month lease. Luckily, one of the CR-V's many positives is how well they residualize.

    On a loose figure, you'd be looking at roughly $369 per month with close to $2,000 down on a 36 month lease when based off the initial Edmunds TMV screenshot I showed you earlier. While CR-V's are great, the combination of a high money factor and NJ's taxes to put it on the higher end of the chart. I'd get a lease quote from this same dealership to see if they will still give you that great discount they did on the purchase option :). You're welcome to come back with any questions, or a lease breakdown from the dealership for us to evaluate!
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    I'm in the market for 2017 CR-V EXL FWD. The drive out price without navigation that I received is $29.9K. I'm located in Houston, TX. Is this a good price? Or I should wait for the Labor Day sale or even after that? I can wait a month or two to get an awesome deal. Thank you! And Sorry OP to hijack your post. @ChaseBellows
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    Hey @leasehouston No problem! I try to help everyone to the best of my abilities. To give you an idea on pricing, in the Houston area( Assuming you're from there given the username), we're showing about an $1,800 discount. TMV is $28,665 for the FWD model. We estimate title/registration at $430, and sales tax at 6.25% on the TMV to be $1,792. Texas avg. doc fee is about $150. All these fees add up to about $31,000. If you're getting it for a grand less, you're coming in well under invoice! Well done! Sounds like a great deal to me, as long as there aren't any other fees snuck in at the very end ;)

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    Hey ChaseBellows, I'm in the market for 2017 CR-V EX-L AWD. The offer i recd without navigation is $29.9K + taxes, fees, registration, etc. I'm located in 98374. Is this a good deal or should I wait to get a better deal. Thank you.
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    2018 CR-V EXL AWD - Offer Price

    Hello, Can somone suggest if this is a good deal for 2018 CR-V EXL AWD in Minneapolis, MN.

    MSRP: 31,825. Offer $29.3K not including taxes,fees registration. Tax is 6.25% and fees & registration ~$500 = $2200 to $2400. So OTD price with be approx: $31,500. Is this a good deal or if anyone else able to get lower than this in the Midwest? Another, If I'm looking to move fast can this justify a better deal?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You need to remember that the dealer has no control over what taxes and license fees are. They collect these fees and send them in. You won't know if that's a good offer until you show up in person and make a committed offer. Otherwise you won't be taken seriously. Just remember CRV's have always been in high demand unlike some other models that they may have huge inventories of. Good luck!
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