1989 Buick Lesabre 3800 cranks, fires, sputters out

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My 89 Lesabre cranks, fires, and sputters out. Won't hold an idle. I have replaced the fuel filter, crankshaft position sensor, coil pack, ignition control module, harmonic balancer, and serpentine belt to no avail. It's getting spark, the fuel pump is engaging, the fuel injectors are spouting fuel perfectly fine. Like I said, it starts up, but then it just dies again. Any ideas? Any help you can offer from your experience with these engines is much appreciated. Would love to know what I'm missing.


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    sounds like a fuel issue. go to oreillies and borrow the fuel pressure tool. Check your pressure. Fuel pressure should be between 48-55lbs

    If it is low pressure, i would start with the fuel pressure regulator. If that sucker gets clogged up or goes bad it will start and die. Next thing is fuel pump.
    If the regulator is bad or the fuel pump is bad, i would remove the rail, and buy a injector rebuild kit which includes the orings and screens. You will need to get a 6 dollar tool to remove and install the screens. Those screens should be white. IF they are dark colored they are rotted out and bad.
    The injectors you can ohm them out to see if they are good or not.
    You need a vom meter, and the resistance vaue should be between 14.3 and 14.7. Here is a pdf on testing them


    The last thing would be checking the computer. You'll probably need to take it to a shop to do that.

    I know you said injectors are spraying fuel fine. Unless you take them out and check them you don't know this for sure. One could be acting up and it will cause a major problem.

    So First thing your going to do is to remove the fuel rail. You'll need a quick disconnect tool for the fuel lines and then there should be 4 nuts to take off to loosen the rail. you may have to disconnect some other things to work the rail out. Once you get it out, take a screwdrive to remove the clips holding the injectors on, and if yours is like mine you'll need a spring clip tool to remove the clip holding the insides of the fuel pressure regulator in. Take that apart carefully and make sure to note exactly how its put together. There is a oring that will most likely stay inside of the fuel regulator just because orings have to be difficult. You put your insides back together like i noted, and then slip that oring you dig out of the regulator on last. it will fit on last around the tube the screens slide on to.

    The injectors you test them across the leads. If they measure between 14.3 and 14.7 they are good. Take a bright light and look in the injection end. if you don't see white filters they are gummed up badly or rotted. Go to ebay and buy a filter kit with orings and make sure they come with the sleeves too.

    Here ya go. Here is the kit. it should work on your injectors.


    This is the tool to remove and install the filters.

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