GM bulletin of Feb. 2011 re "t/case phantom shift.

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I own a 2009 Canyon and also have experienced the "binding up" and also phantom shifting into 4wheel hi while traveling 70 mph on the freeway (last December) Notice on the dash said "TRAC OFF". I immediately stopped, called my dealer, Airport Chevrolet, and was told to bring it in next week. Their most famous excuse is "well, it is not throwing any codes and we can't, while driving it, duplicate the problem. However, this time, they decided to charge me $849. for repairs recommended by General Motors bulletin #PIP3558W of 2011. Now, 6 months later the problem has returned and once again "can't duplicate and it is throwing no codes" Several calls to Jessica at GM resulted in a big fat ZERO. Airport Chevrolet also refuses to honor the l2 month warranty that came with the December repairs. I am a very senior, senior and planned that this would be my very last vehicle. Now, i am afraid to drive this pickup because one dealer service tech told me he feels that it could jump into 4wheel LO doing 70mph. If that happens I won't have to worry about getting another vehicle and my accident will probably take out several fellow travelers on the freeway. Would love to hear from anyone that has had any luck with these problems. Thank you.


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