Do NOT buy a Ford Focus Electric car!!! Buyer beware.

solarelectricsolarelectric Member Posts: 2
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Do not buy a Ford Focus Electric car! Unfortunately they are incapable of engineering a car to be reliable and supported by the company.

My 2013 with less than 31K miles had a short in the rear wiper motor that took out the entire car. The car literally stops in the road while you're driving, extremely unsafe.

And Ford says because the "causal part" is not under warranty they will not cover the $1,300 cost of repairing the wiper motor and the car battery which it fried in the midst of it.

Ford does not want to take responsibility for really terrible electrical design that fails to isolate the 'unique electrical system' of an electric car from a short in a wiper motor.
I certainly hope that Chevy and Tesla and others can come up with better engineering.
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