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2002 Grand Cherokee Alarm System

mkgansbergmkgansberg Member Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Jeep
For several months now, when I unlock my Jeep the alarm goes off (not all the time, just randomly). When it does happen, I just get in and turn the car on and it stops. However, today... it did it again and I went to turn the jeep on and the key would not turn, therefore I could not stop the alarm from going off. I also noticed something new... the emergency flashers were flashing. I tried to push the flasher button and it would go up (like it was turned off) or I would push it down and no matter what, the flashers would not stop (in the meantime the alarm finally stopped). But I still could not turn the key to start the jeep. So I opened my door to get out and the alarm went off again. It's never done that. So I thought if I disconnected the battery it would reset everything. But as soon as I connected the battery back up the alarm would start again. I tried restarting again and still the key would not turn in the ignition. What is going on... anyone have any answers. I'm single and cant afford to take my cars to a mechanic every time. Please help....
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