2002 Honda Accord Anti-Freeze Leak

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Hello Everyone,

I took my car to Pep Boys earlier today for a rear brake inspection and a coolant system evaluation. I had my front brakes done somewhere else which I knew needed to be repaired. That mechanic said I also needed my rear brakes done but I was skeptical so I got a second opinion with Pep Boys. My anti-freeze leaks ( I believe near my radiator cap) and I am always refilling every month and a half. I usually refill it once I see my temperature gauge begin to move whenever my car sits idle. After I refill my anti-freeze the temperature gauge stays steady when my car sits idle.

Pep Boys checked my rear brakes and said that they were fine. They didn't need to be changed.

They then gave me this long list of things that needed to be done on my car:

Waste Anti-Freeze Disposal/Recycling - $2.60
Complete Coolant Exchange - $96.99
Remove & Replace Timing Belt - $437
Dayco Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump - $191.99
Remove/Replace Thermostat - $94.50
Stant 170f Superstat Thermostat - $24.48
Remove & Replace Radiator Hose - $94.50
PepGuard limited Extended Labor Warranty - $16.07
Remove & Replace F Stabilizer Bar Control Link Both - $94.50
Quick Steer Sway Bar Link Kit - $41.98
Prosteer Sway Bar Link Kit - $41.98
Starfire RS-C 2.0 (2) - $53.79
Computerized Wheel Alignment - $89.99

These prices reflect parts and labor.

Now some of these suggestions sound legit and some of these I am not too sure about.

1) My car has over $230K miles on it and I have replaced the timing belt only once. So I could very well need it replaced. Please provide any suggestions on what I should do to be certain that I need to replace my timing belt.

2) I was told my radiator hose was hard and needed to be replaced. I was skeptical about that because I replaced it last year. Before I left Pep Boys parking lot I squeezed the radiator hose and it was as soft as a baby's butt.

3)My rear tires are worn and I was told by my other mechanic that I needed both a wheel alignment and new rear tires.

4) My temperature gauge works fine. I don't see the reason why I would need to replace my thermostat. Please let me know if I should consider replacing this in relation to my anti-freeze leak.

Any and all suggestions/questions are appreciated. Thanks.


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    Take your Accord to a dealer or a trusted independent for another opinion. I'm trying to remember when Honda went from timing belts to timing chains which don't require replacement! Also don't mess around with your cooling system! Overheat your engine and your car will be totaled!
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