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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 - Driver Seat Height Adjustment

jeepdude7jeepdude7 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2020 in Jeep

I just bought a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 last night. I got the absolute base model (no options, but it is 4x4). My wife didn't test drive it.

Today, my wife drives it for the first time and she can't find any way to adjust the seat height (it is a manual seat). She literally can't see because the seat is too low. I look through the manual and don't see any way to adjust the seat height, so I call the dealer and they say the base model seat height can't be adjusted.

That can't be true, right!?!? I mean, this is a safety defect if it's true. It's not just a minor inconvenience. It's the kind of thing Jeep could maybe be sued for... but hopefully I'm jumping the gun and there is a simple lever somewhere I just haven't been able to locate yet.

And if in fact the seat height cannot be adjusted, is there anything I can do so it's drivable for my wife? What are my options for 1) replacing the seat with something that is height adjustable, or 2) modifying the existing seat so the height can be adjusted?

Or is my best option to just return this to the dealer as a lemon? Appreciate any help you can provide!


  • abc___123abc___123 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get a solution to this problem? I have the same problem.
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