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having used the same car for many, many years, I am finally buying a new one, and looking at the 2018 Camry.

Can anyone guide me on what is a good price -- don't care too much about the higher trims, but am interested in the safety features like FCW, etc.

Also, is buying the 2018 model now a bad idea? How much difference will it make in terms of price paid buying now vs. 1-2 mos. later?

Plan to finance and have pretty good credit


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    Hi @jg123456, we would say a good deal is at or below the True Market Value (TMV). TMV is the estimated average price a car is selling for in a specific region. You can use this build and price tool to get the TMV for the 2018 Camry:

    If you're in no rush, I would wait. Discounts will get better the longer you wait and you will start to get a better idea of how the car is. I personally don't recommend buying the first model year of a full redesign. I like the manufacturer to work out any issues that may arise and then adjust it for the 2nd year of the new generation. That's my personal feelings about it.

    From a discount stand point, demand is high and supply is relatively low or at least the hype is still around so you can't expect to see big discounts at the moment. Eventually, Toyota will want to start incentivizing sales by offering rebates or low interest rates.

    Plus year end sales can be to your benefit as dealers are making their last push to hit their sales goals.

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    You can sometimes get a better deal on the last day of the month if the dealer needs to meet quota for the month. Sometimes even better on December 3x or whatever is the last sales day as they have to make quota for the month and the year. Prices are usually fairly close to sticker price the first few months as the cars begin to show up but aren't as plentiful. After a few months the lot is full and they discount more. Good luck.
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