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Car Buying Advice---2017 Corolla Is this a good deal? Need help fast!

socrates_is_mesocrates_is_me Member Posts: 5
edited September 2017 in Toyota
Hello Beer-lover!

I'm in quite a bind... I normally research on Edmunds forums before buying and I also post my buys in prices paid.

However, this Corolla thread is dry. I need to buy a 2017 Corolla tomorrow . Toyota has some great incentives for this Labor-Day weekend. $2500 off, I have my own financing.

Here is the deal:
Model: 2017 Corolla LE ( Standard wheels, not the alloy)
Price: $17,956.00
Tax: $1256.92 (7% Indiana)
Doc Fee: 498.95
Discount : $2000.00 ( he said he took 500 from the price to match Toyota)
$17,711.87 OTD

Thank you! Thank you!



  • socrates_is_mesocrates_is_me Member Posts: 5
    Got the car... ripped off. But I don't care anymore... an awful Labor day wasted, missed out on BBQ's

    Model: 2017 Corolla LE (with moon-roof and alloy wheels)
    Price: 17,500.00 ( includes the 2500 discount)
    Tax: 7%
    Doc fee: $598
    $19,232 -- OTD.

    I got 1.99% financing.
  • capulettcapulett Member Posts: 1
    your state?
  • karhill1karhill1 Member Posts: 165
    The actual price was $18,098 not $17,500. That $598 doc fee is simply the price separated into two parts.

    The True Car price for 2017 Corolla with an MSRP of around $20,000 is about $15,500, including a $1,750 incentive valid until at least September 5. The KBB price is about $17,700 plus the $1,750 incentive nets to about $16,000.

    The TC price should be reduced by $300, which is the amount dealers pay TC for any lead which results in a sale.
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