1986 S-10 Carb acting up ?

tattoo12345tattoo12345 Posts: 2
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I have an 86 S10 prostreet with a 355 cu in it with a 750 proform carb.When I last drove it it ran fine.I took it out on Monday and it started to pop and spit.I took it home and after it cooled off it ran fine until the temp started to go up so did the idle.This carb has no choke nor vacuum lines.Any help would be great.............Thanks.....LWB


  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastPosts: 1,712
    That carb have a power valve?
    Sounds like you lost the power valve. If that carb is a double pumper clone, it probably has one.
    Are you sure you have no vacuum leaks?
    Check the float levels. It's possible that there is something in one of the needle and seats, allowing one of the float bowls to over fill, assuming this is a double pumper.
    Since it's modified and we can't hear or see it, we're guessing.
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