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Mazda5 Audio & Entertainment Questions

johnsfnmjohnsfnm Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Mazda
Has anyone added the XM radio to their Mazda5 GT and do you have advice on how to do so? My dealer is clueless although they did include the brochure that offers a sign-up deal. Both the XM and Mazda websites do not list the 5 as a vehicle option, but the Satellite button and space for the receiver are clearly there on the audio panel. ???


  • librarygrllibrarygrl Member Posts: 1
    I think we have decided on the Touring model (after previously deciding on a Honda Odyssey) but my question is about the MP3 player. Is that standard on the touring or an option? When I test drove on the other day I knew more about the car than the salesperson - very frusterating. The brochure does not elaborate on the MP3 feature either. So any owners out there who have/use the MP3?
  • smariasmaria Member Posts: 279
    The MP3 player isn't standard on any of the US Mazda5 models. It's optional, and it's basically just a CD player that has the capability to play CDs that have MP3s on them.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Other owners can be found in the Mazda5 Owners: Accessories & Modifications discussion, so try asking in there.

    Steve, Host
  • nym5nym5 Member Posts: 20
    The SAT button is for Sirius, the module costs a bundle at around $370US. I put an XM receiver in my 5 with the control unit between the seats and the antenna on the rear roof with the cable routed in the roof drain, down the windshield trim, into the engine compartment, and through the firewall where the bulk of the cars wiring goes through a large rubber grommet. It's an easier install than it sounds and it looks clean & hidden. Also, I have the audio going directly into the head unit with the nice 'AuxIn' module, uses the cassette input and since I have long since thrown out my cassette collection....
  • vcgenovcgeno Member Posts: 5
    I have an XM MYFi and the car mount fits nicely on the driver’s side of the center console. I put the antenna on the small overhang between the ignition and the center console and it gets great reception. I keep the car power adapter plugged in all the time because it's location of the power plug at the bottom of the center console keeps it and the wires conveniently located out of the way. No need to run anything outside of the car.

    I’ve had my Mazda5 Sport for about a week and love it.
  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    Hey all, I'm looking into the 5 and was wondering if anyone has experince with the DVD entertainment system? We want that for our little ones, like thew wireless headphones, but the dealer didn't have any models with the DVD. They said they'd install it, but I think I'd want a model with it from the factory.

    As for them being hard to come by, I read Mazda expected to sell 4,000-10,000 units the first year. That would make them hard to come buy as I think they've sold like 16,000 so far IIRC.
  • wusterwuster Member Posts: 153
    I'm 99% postive that the rear DVD system is a dealer install accessory. Even though Mazda list it as an accessory on its website.

    I'm going to buy a two screen DVD system that can be strap to the rear headrest. We have a Touring model and with the sunroof, I think a ceiling mounted DVD system would be too far back. It would make the kids look almost straight up to see the screen and that is with the middle seats all the way back.
  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    Dealer installed? Really? OK, well that's good to know. I like the idea of it being factory installed and not aftermarket. Also, it plays CDs and the wireless headphones would be cool.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    I like the idea of it being factory installed and not aftermarket

    Mazda does not install any DVD entertainment system at the 'factory'...it is done by port workers at the port. They do it the same way it's done at the dealership.
  • rlyonrlyon Member Posts: 57
    Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying that up for me. Now I'll feel a little more comfortable should I order the DVD player.
  • kev604kev604 Member Posts: 30
    I purchased a portable dvd player (nothing fancy just the cheapest one I could find not worried about the performance of the unit, I'm sure before too long somebody will drop it). And purchased a portable dvd player case from Case Logic. The case opens up in an L shape so it holds the dvd player open and can be hung between two headrests so all passengers behind can watch or strapped snug on one headrest so the passenger behind can watch (thats how I'm using it). There is a picture example of this on Case Logic's website. On the Mazda 5 it doesn't fit nearly as well as the picture but after adjusting it and trying different positions the end result is acceptable under the circumstances. I never tried it between the two seats so I can't comment on that.
    Total cost of the project about CDN$110
    Installation $0
    I prefer this over an installed system because if you sell the car or have to get rid of the car for whatever reason then the system is gone as well. Secondly, I have two cars so I can move it from one car or the other. Thirdly, if an installed system ever breaksdown I would think it would cost alot to fix. Lastly, once you get to wherever your going, for example a restaurant you can take the portable dvd player with you as well.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Any way you could post some pictures of your installation? I like the idea of not having to run cables all over the car, cutting holes, etc. Thanks.
  • artcartc Member Posts: 1
    did you have removal instructions for the head unit. or, did you figure it out on your own? i'd appreciate any help on this. i just got an ice:link from dension, for my ipod and have had my mazda 5 for a few weeks and really want to get my ipod in there.

  • mazda5njmazda5nj Member Posts: 2
    I just bought the Touring but the ill-informed dealer did not advise me it lacked MP3 capablility and I am required to buy the option. Has anyone attempted and/or know if it's possible to obtain the MP3 6 cd chgr headunit and install yourself? IS it just plug and play for the MP3 unit when replacing the identical existing unit minus Mp3? I am thinking of going this route i/o using an external jack method.
  • wa98stratwa98strat Member Posts: 66
    that's my biggest gripe about hte Mazda5, lack of MP3 capability with the stock stereo, Afterall it's just a difference in the software. For that they charge you $700. I'm actually going to wait a bit and try to find a center stack facia from a wrecked 5 and install my current Pioneer Head unit. No way am I paying $700 for mp3 capability.

    HAving said that I would think that the MP3 CD changer is a direct swap for the non mp3 CD changer. Just unbolt the center stack facia (2 bolts at the bottom once you've removed the facia from the shifter console. Then unbolt the stereo and disconnect it. reverse the procedure for the install of the new unit
  • kanatakanata Member Posts: 22
    Soon I will be a Mazda5 GT owner. It's on order and should be here within the week. I've a question about the current Sirius/Mazda promotion.

    In reviewing the Sirius/Mazda press release...

    'Toronto, April 4, 2006 — Mazda Canada Inc. and SIRIUS Canada Inc. today announced that for a limited time, customers purchasing or leasing any new 2006 Mazda will receive a SIRIUS Satellite Radio plug-and-play receiver at no extra charge. The promotion runs from April 4 until May 31, 2006 and includes installation of the plug-n-play device as well as a 12-month subscription to SIRIUS Canada ...'.

    Can anyone confirm that installation is included?

    Which Sirius product is on offer?

    (Look out for a snowflake white pearl Mazda 5 in Kanata, Ontario soon)
  • wa98stratwa98strat Member Posts: 66
    In a week!!! Hw did you manage that?? Current lead time for a Mazda 5 is 8 weeks!!! I'm in the process of negotiating for one and I've been given dates ( from 3 dealers) of around June 25th for delivery!

    You must be getting a vehicle from another dealers stock!

    I'm soo jealous!
  • kanatakanata Member Posts: 22
    Hi wa98strat. 'You must be getting a vehicle from another dealers stock!'

    Yes I am. There's a dealer in Barrie that's got the one I want.

    I ordered it on Easter Monday. My Ottawa dealer says they located the right colour etc at a dealer in Barrie, and the shipper is arranging transport. Could take a week or so. Remains to be seen what happens.
  • caliaghicaliaghi Member Posts: 7
    Welcome to the club :shades:
    In fact today I just got a Sirius Radio from my dealer....it's
    in a plastic package, the "do it yourself" kit. I'm scratching
    my head how I'm going to install the cables and first of all...where I'm going to put this little box, ...attached to the windshield...on the dash...attached to the sunshades...I think
    I have to ask a specialist....I'm afraid I'm going to do a mess! :sick:
  • kanatakanata Member Posts: 22
    Thanks caliaghi.

    I'm also going to install the Sirius Radio. There is one thing to consider I think is very important.

    If your M5 has side-curtain airbags (as mine does) then I would be hesitant routing the antenna cable above the doors (inside the trim) as was recommended by my dealer. The cable could interfere with the correct operation of the side curtains.

    Also, the Sirius Mazda deal includes installation, so you sholdn't have to do it yourself. From the press release, 'Toronto, April 4, 2006 — Mazda Canada Inc. and SIRIUS Canada Inc. today announced that for a limited time, customers purchasing or leasing any new 2006 Mazda will receive a SIRIUS Satellite Radio plug-and-play receiver at no extra charge. The promotion runs from April 4 until May 31, 2006 and includes installation of the plug-n-play device as well as a 12-month subscription to SIRIUS Canada ...'. I got confirmation from the Mazda Canada head office that installation is included.

    If you get the dealer to install, make sure the cable does not interfere with the side curtain!
  • medicmanmedicman Member Posts: 4
    It sure is !!! I got mine hooked up and works great !!
    Mazda 5 GS, auto
  • medicmanmedicman Member Posts: 4
    Hey there, the radio should be able to "flip" the display so that you can attach it almost anywhere and read the display.
    I placed mine on the passenger side of the bulkhead and the antennae wire is placed under the dash to the right side of the dash. You can install them there, it doesnt have to be outside.
    Works great, my dealer put it in for free !
  • wcollins73wcollins73 Member Posts: 3
    The MP3 capable changer is listed as an option for the Sport Model only so I assumed the 6-cd changer that came with the Touring was MP3 capable. In my Touring 5, I tried loading a MP3 CD. The player seemed to play the CD but no sound came out. The display just shows the track counter ticking and it will fast fwd, but won't skip to the next track.

    Could it be possible that enabling MP3 on the stock 6-cd changer is as simple as a switch on the back of the changer or possibly a firmware upgrade?
  • gt_fangt_fan Member Posts: 159

    During my M5 test drive, the salesman told me that the standard changer in the Touring isn't MP3 capable, but that the optional one in the Sport is. That struck me as being somewhat strange - why wouldn't you put the most capabilities in your top model? Looks like he was right though.
  • mazda5lovermazda5lover Member Posts: 29
    where is this grommet on the firewall which allows you to put the cable through? I am thinking of installing both the XM and and Amplifier and would like to know where is the best place to get through the firewall.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    I installed my Delphi Roady XT and connected it via the Aux Mod but now I get a horrendous amount of line noise. Has anyone found a good inline supressor that uses the cigarette lighter?
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Member Posts: 206
    Has anyone purchased a Mazda5 with the DVD system installed? My wife and I really liked the M5. We have a van with a DVD player in it and will not buy another vehicle without one, but I noticed it's a dealer installed option on the Mazda5. You can't select it on the build Mazda webpage, but it is in the options page. Anyone here have it?? One Mazda dealer here has 10 M5's, none with it.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    The DVD player has yet to be released by Mazda. Best guesses say that it will be available sometime in July. Stay tuned...

    If you are curious as to what the functionality or look is, check out the DVD system in the MPV as they are identical: only the mounting has changed.
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Member Posts: 206
    Thanks for the info! I'm surprised they've waited this long. Well, I'm keeping this car on my list.
  • maltbmaltb Member Posts: 3,572
    I don't think they intended for it to be this late, but I hear there were some issues with the supplier.
  • archibaldarchibald Member Posts: 3
    I just bought my Mazda5 yesterday. The dealer is installing a DVD with 10.5" screen. It is an aftermarket system but I cant complain it is guarenteed by the dealership and was less expensive than the Mazda one.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    What good is aftermarket DVD players being guaranteed "by the dealership" and then only by that one particular dealership?
    If you are not getting genuine Mazda parts guaranteed by the Mazda factory warranty, then you might as well have gone to Best Buy and gotten a better price or better equipment for the same price. All the major name brands have their own manufacturers warranties and extended warranties too.
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Member Posts: 206
    I have to kinda agree with you. I'm BIG on getting factory parts as well. In years past I've had issues with aftermarket stuff installed by a dealer. I prefer to have things factory installed and not installed by the dealer. The big reason is there is no real quality control when it comes to a dealer putting in something. If I can't get a DVD player factory installed by Mazda then I'll look elsewhere.
  • archibaldarchibald Member Posts: 3
    on the 2006 M5 the DVD is always going to be a dealer installed option. I will know more once I get my vehicle later today but at least I know if there is any problems with accessories bought through the dealership I won't be voiding anything. Plus spending less money for a better unit isn't a bad thing. I am almost certain that the Mazda DVD system is not made by Mazda but a different company as well.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    When you get official Mazda-approved accessories (even if they are not actually manufactured by Mazda) installed by the dealer, they are guaranteed by Mazda and covered by the Mazda factory warranty at any Mazda dealership in the country.
    However, if the dealership farms out the parts on their own, then only that dealership would fix problems under their own service guarantee.
    If you purchase and get name brand stereo equipment installed at a major chain, you have that chain's gaurantee plus any extended warranty purchased that you would be able to use at any of their locations.
  • gabepgabep Member Posts: 3

    We're going to get a Mazda5 Touring this weekend. We're thinking about getting the moonroof package, which also includes the 6-cd changer.

    My question...does the 6-cd changer have an aux or PIE input that I can use for my XM unit?

    On another note (ha, ha...bad pun) does the Mazda5 come with HD radio?

  • mammynunmammynun Member Posts: 3
    Just got my 5 yesterday and was surprised to learn the same thing. I mean, if they offered an upgrade to play MP3s in the changer, I would have payed it - but it's not even an option. How weird is that?

    Anyway, have you discovered anything in the last 3 months?

    I'm tempted to talk to a Mazda rep about the situation. I'd consider paying the option price for MP3 support - we use it all the time in our VW.
  • wa98stratwa98strat Member Posts: 66
    What do you mean?? The MP3 upgrade IS a changer! have alook on the mazda site...It's a $700 upgrade (ridiculas really)
  • mammynunmammynun Member Posts: 3
    Accd to the Mazda 5 literature, there are no optional upgrades for the Touring model stereo. The changer option is listed as being available for the Sport model only.'

    I've since learned that you can order the MP3 changer and swap out the old one. But presumably upgrading from a non-MP3 changer to the MP3 changer would have a different cost than going from the single-disk player to the MP3 changer at the time of purchase. It's just a bummer they don't offer this option.

    Myself, I'm hoping the 2007 MP3 changer will (1) work in a 2006 Mazda 5, (2) have the iPod interface, (3) have roughly the same cost (could they make it more expensive? :confuse: ).
  • bmclaughlin1bmclaughlin1 Member Posts: 19
    We did order the mp3 6cd changer when we bought our 2006 Mazda 5 Touring model. The dealer charged us an extra $400.00 for this. It works just fine.
  • wa98stratwa98strat Member Posts: 66
    There's a reason that many people are looking for the 2 din adapter that is available in asia! The MP3 changer is available on both the GS and GT model, both listed in the literature and on the build it section of the Mazda site. but I think you're better in the long run to either get and AuxMode for the standard radio or the face plate and an aftermarket mp3 capable stereo! you just loose the wheel controls until you get an adaptor from crutchfield.
  • kcekce Member Posts: 2
    I just wanted to let people know I also purchase an Audio Link ipod adapter and installed it myself in about 30 min. It works really well and was easy to install. I bought it from www.therpmstore.com for $139.00. You can choose what type of connection you want- I got one with both an ipod connector and a regular headphone outlet connector- so if I ever have something other than an ipod I can connect that too. I followed the steps outlined at this site- http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhosoi/sets/72057594092570822/
    The instructions are not in english but the pics tell the whole story. I have a 2006 5 touring with nav- it really was no problem and I have no experience installing car stereo stuff. I saved a bunch of money because Al & Ed's a car stereo company in So Cal quoted me at over $300 for a unit and installation. This was definitely a great buy!
  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Member Posts: 16
    dont they make adapters that allow the ipod to work off of an unused radio frequency? I would think that would be alot easier.
  • wa98stratwa98strat Member Posts: 66
    THe problem is the FM modulators generally sound awful!! A line level connection is far superior
  • kandor71kandor71 Member Posts: 8
    Looking for a way to use my ipod in my 5 without having to use the fm modulator.
    Any suggestions please email me
  • kandor71kandor71 Member Posts: 8
    I just ordered my audio link for the ipod and can't wait to install it.

    I hope it works like quoted cause I hate listening to the radio in my 5 when I know I have 20Gb of music I like on my ipod.
    I will post a description of what it is like once it is installed
  • acaroacaro Member Posts: 1
    Has anybody installed the DVD Entertainment system themselves? I understand that you need to buy the dvd unit itself plus an installation kit either for with moonroof or without. My question is how easy is it to install? Does it come with everything you need? Are the the necessary cables/wires preinstalled in the vehicle, or do you have to run wiring through the vehicle. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Join us for our weekly Mazda Club chat and meet & greet some of your fellow forums fanatics! ;)

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
  • northdennisnorthdennis Member Posts: 6
    I'm interested in the time and effort you put into this process. I too want to do this, but from the photos on the step by step, it looks like this would take longer then 30 minutes. Can you clarify where the main Audio line unit goes in installation? Does it fit behind the stereo or do you need to use the glove box to mount?

    Appreciate your input.
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