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Does a 2003 Buick Regal LS have an inline fuse attached to the battery cables?

Gandalff01Gandalff01 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2017 in Buick
Today, I drove my car to my destination, parked, then came out and when I tried to start the car it acted normally, then everything died. The key is locked in the ignition, the gear shift is locked and can't be moved. I've looked in both fuse boxes, but didn't see anything that look like it was blown. Unfortunately, I can't test the modules/circuit breakers to see if one of them is blown or bad. I had a thought, that maybe there's an inline fuse on the battery cables or something that acts as a fuse, attached to the cables. Anyone have any ideas?


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    imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,177
    edited September 2017
    There should be a release under the key area to bypass the lock and remove the key.


    I'd guess you have a failed battery or a failed connector in the circuits. Try jumping with cables and see if you get the headlights powered up again. If not, remove the cable to the positive battery and connect a jumper cable to that cable, removing the old battery from the system completely. Be careful not to let the positive jumpers touch anything on the car that's grounded. I'd use an old towel to insulate.

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