2018 Camry XLE XM radio?

k5ldbk5ldb Member Posts: 62
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Does the 2018 Camry XLE stock model include XM radio?


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Looking at the brochure, I don't see satellite radio being included


    And this video on Entune 3.0 is pretty thorough on what it does


  • 1970ss1970ss Member Posts: 4
    Just took delivery of a 2018 XLE with no other options than all-weather floor mats and protection package - so it has the standard radio. There is no XM and no HD radio, both of which were included on my 2015 XLE with the standard radio. Also, the sound quality of the 2018 stereo is several notches below that of the 2015. And the graphical interface on the 2018 is horrible compared to the 2015. All this is a major disappointment, and had I done my homework and knew of the lack of HD radio and overall fidelity beforehand, I would not have traded my 2015 for the 2018. The 2018 radio is that bad.
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