2003 Protege Alarm Keeps Going Off

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Hi guys, I came back from a 5 week holiday and found my car battery flat. After I jump started it the alarm just kept going off. That's the first time something like this happened and I wasn't even aware that my car (Mazda Protege 323 2003) had an alarm installed). It turned out that the battery had to be replaced. I was hoping the alarm would stop after I install a new battery, but that didn't happen. I located a little speaker under the hood and unplugged a wire to it. That stopped the alarm going off but not the emergency lights. Any ideas how I can fix the problem with the emergency lights? Your help would be much appreciated. Cheers!


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    You have an aftermarket system in the car if there was a speaker under the hood. Look under the dash for wires that aren't part of the original vehicle harness and follow them to the control unit. Once that is located, you should find either a switch or button nearby or as part of the controller. With the key on, push that button (switch) and the alarm should deactivate.
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