2013 Highlander - Clicking noise after rear brake replacement

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Hopefully someone can answer this question.

I just replaced my 2013 Toyota Highlander rear breaks.

New Rotors and brake pads installed.

Unfortunately, after I did that I started a hearing a clicking sound when driving only. When I apply the breaks it stops. When I drive again the clicking sound appears. Its only coming from the left rear. It sounds like a part is hitting something. I looked disassembled the breaks on the left rear wheel and nothing looked loose. The break pads were not loose once the calipers were put in.

I did have a hard time getting the rotors out. I was only able to get it out after I place the car on two jacks and placed the SUV on neutral and the rotors popped out.

Then I proceeded to place the rotors and brake pads.

Any suggestions my last step would be to replace the brake shoe pads and all its hardware component.

Would really like to avoid spending the high repair cost to a mechanic.

Much thanks for those that reply to this.


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    I had the exact same issue on my 2002 Highlander. 'Turns out I caused it when I replaced my rear rotors and pads and bent the "nail." The nail is that funny shaped piece in the center of each shoe, and works with the spring and cap to keep the shoes pinned against the shroud.

    Symptoms: Clicking only on the right rear when moving forward or coasting. (Didn't hear it in reverse.) The sound was like light metal rubbing. Frequency was about 5 clicks for each single revolution of the wheel - about what you would expect as each lug/stud on the back of the hub passed in front of an obstruction.

    Cause: I bent both "nails," but not their springs, when I:
    a) tried to pull the rotor with the parking brake ON - bent the first one, and,
    b) when I adjusted (expanded) the parking brakes by turning the star wheel - causing it to jam the parking brake shoes against the rotor. My screwdriver was unable to reach/loosen the star so I pulled it off a millimeter at a time while twisting until I could loosen the star. This resulted in bending the second nail but I did not notice that at first.

    Solution: Bought a $20 parking brake hardware kit from Autozone, replaced the first nail that I knew I bent. Heard the noise again because I didn't see that the second nail was bent.

    Time: Well, I had the wheel off about 4 times trying to figure it out. Once I got the kit it took about 20 minutes to replace the first nail. I test drove it, heard the noise, felt-that-sinking-feeling-in-my-stomach, then pulled the wheel and found the second one was bent. Pulled the second nail out of the kit and was done 15 minutes later.

    I’ve never seen springs/parking brake parts break so I didn’t use any other new parts. Also, the new parts were close, but not an exact match for the old ones, and I didn’t want any new problems.

    1) Watch YouTube before you start. I would have been reminded to release the parking brake - Duh!
    2) Don't worry about tightening the parking brake star - the brakes are self-adjusting: Back up (carefully) and apply the brakes hard several times.
    3) You can replace the nails/springs/cap with needlenose pliers - no need to pull the hub.
    4) I used some small, very strong magnets. One pinned the washer to keep it from falling down while I got the spring in place. Used another magnet on the back of the shroud to pin the nail in place and keep the nail from getting pushed out the back as I added the spring. Don't forget to remove the magnets!
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    wow, you nail it buddy, my highlander is making same noise, and i have spend 2K with dealer, to change, router, brake, bearing and its the still the same, now i know what to do. :) thank you., so shuold i buy the whole brake shoe kit and change it
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