Car Buying Advice - Best leasing compact SUV under $40k?

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My girlfriend needs a new car in the next two weeks, and she's trying to find something that matches her currently monthly payment (or is cheaper).

At the moment she has a 2014 Mercedes CLA250. The MSRP was ~$39k, and the monthly came out to $436/month including tax (in CA). That is with no down payment. I've run the numbers and it seems a car has to lease *very* well to get that good of a monthly from a $39k car with no down payment.

Any suggestions?


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    Hey @maxiedaniels thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! Off hand, that sounds like a terrific deal. There's a lot of great leases out there; I can help you explore them all. The budget of $40k kind of splits a loaded up non luxury brand crossover, or a subcompact SUV like a Mercedes GLA (Lifted CLA), Infiniti QX30 (Rebadged GLA), a BMW X1, etc.

    The non luxury SUV's would be a little bigger, but the luxury brands would give you the badge, among other things. Did your girlfriend have a preference in size? That would most likely determine what direction you go in when it comes to the SUV. Let me know your thoughts, then I'll show you SUV's that are most likely to lease well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Have a great day!
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    @ChaseBellows - yeah it's definitely a funny in-between spot. She likes the size of the Audi Q5 and *not* the Q3, if that gives any indication of size.

    So far it looks like the Lexus NX and the Mazda CX-5 can be leased for a pretty good price given the current incentives available. Do you have any other suggestions for cars that either lease well and are being sold for a good amount under MSRP? Or that have significant incentives?

    Much appreciated!
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    Hey @maxiedaniels Thanks for your reply! I hope you had a great weekend. If this is the case, I'd stick with something non-luxury to stay under the budget, and to keep the size where she prefers it. As far as the luxury models go, the Lexus NX and Acura RDX have the best leases. I'm a big fan of the CX-5, and like that you can definitely get it below budget. But if she wants the luxury names and a little more power, then I'd also look into the NX and RDX.

    The RDX, in particular, has HUGE lease discounts. Let me know your thoughts on this one. As long as you don't go for a high equipped package, I think you can get it for under $400 a month and minimal down. Let me know your thoughts! I'm happy to explore other options as well to give you both a well rounded options.
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