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Hello there guys,

I'm aware that this is Audi Forum so probably the comments are going to be lean towards the Audi but please guys be transparent and as much real as you can.

Well here is the thing im looking to buy SECOND HAND Car for around 15k from Germany, i live in Macedonia so i will be driving the car here. im looking to buy a Diesel since i drive 20k KM per year and max 150k KM, the car has to have max 2.0 cm3 and @ least 184hp or 0-100 7.5.

What bothers me is that there are other cars like the bmw for example the golf GTD which is really awesome looking car also, performance wise very good, comfortable, it handles good, its good cruiser and good all rounder car. Also im looking for the audi a3 sline 184hp and the seat leon FR 184hp. The VW group cars share the same MQB Platform and more or less they are the same car as i read reviews and as i drove them. All 4 cars seem to be comfort and drive nice ( 17 inch wheels all of them ). Also all cars have the Mode selection thingy.

So im looking forward to buy a car which will be the best out of theese 4, in terms of. Driving and Performance, Handling , Comfort, Re sell value, Running costs and reliability. it doesnt matter for me if it is Auto Gear box or manual tho i pref the manual (cheaper to maintain).

So thing is the BMW is the most expensive and the VW GTD both are around 16k, then there is the A3 which is around 14 - 15 k and then there is the Leon which is 11 - 12 k.

Which one should i go for ??? i only want car that has the most equipment on. and i will be driving the car in bad roads.

Pls Help me.
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