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Honda Civic vs. Toyota Yaris

pkppkp Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Honda
What is better 2006 Honda Civic or Toyota Yaris? Toyota has an excellent reliability and a proven 1.5L engine used in previous generation of Echo, it is also cheaper – only 16K Canadian on the road. On the other hand redesigned Civic ($20K) uses brand new 1.8L motor and lots of electronics. So far it’s difficult to say how reliable the Honda will be.


  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Perhaps the Toyota Yaris would be better compared to the Honda Fit? Similar in price, engine, size to the Yaris...the Civic is best left with the Corolla.

  • tyggertygger Member Posts: 59
    I was almost definite I was going to get a Yaris base sedan, automatic trans, w/ cold weather and power package. Price before taxes, tags and processing fee come to about $15,000-15,250 (quoted by dealers).

    I then priced out a Civic LX sedan w/ no options and price comes to aboiut $17,000-17,500 according to Edmund's TMV pricing.

    So for about $2000 more, you get side curtain airbags and a bigger and more powerful 1.8ltr 140hp engine that is listed to get 30 mpg city and 40 hwy.

    I'm still doing research, but now I think Im leaning towards the civic...

    Any comments???
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Both of these cars will likely give you years of excellent service, so I think it just comes down to personal preference for you. I'm a Honda guy, and would get the Civic; but it's not my money being spent here!
  • dimitri0917dimitri0917 Member Posts: 5
    This comparison is so wrong. The Civic is way out of the Yaris' league. They are two different cars in two different classes. With this generation, Honda is making the Civic an almost midsize compact. The Yaris is and always will be a subcompact. Also the prices are different. Civic has definitely gown out of its entry level roots. Unfair for Yaris. Put it next to Aveo, Elantra, Fit, anything besides (ivi) :shades:
  • tyggertygger Member Posts: 59
    I'm not saying its a fair comparison, but going purely based on money, a basic Civic LX is only about $2,000 more than a comparably equiped Yaris base.

    But for the $2000 extra buying the Civic, you also get more engine, side airbags and a bit more "car".
  • kero1kero1 Member Posts: 154
    I have sat in both including the fit.

    Here is the breakdown taking into account everything including price.

    #1 CIVIC LX
    #2 FIT SPORT
    #3 YARIS
  • beantownbeantown Member Posts: 228
    "The Yaris is and always will be a subcompact."

    I'm not so sure. The Yaris hatchback may be considered a subcompact, but the current Yaris sedan is pretty much identical in size to the '93-'97 Corolla, which is in the compact class.

    I do agree, though, that comparing the Yaris to the Civic is a big mistake. They are two completely different classes of auto. Comparing them is the equivalent of comparing a Corolla to an Accord.
  • mortomozoidmortomozoid Member Posts: 6
    would the japan built yaris be better than the canada built corolla in terms of quality? are the engines the same basic design but the corollas bored out a bit? and could someone explain to me how variable valve timing actually works?
  • solarjeepsolarjeep Member Posts: 3
    Odd. The Yaris is the cheapest. They all roll forward and back and turn.

    #1 YARIS
    #2 Anything else.
    #3 Yaris Rules!
  • tyggertygger Member Posts: 59
    Well, when buying a car (since cars are suppose to roll forward, back and turn), people should factor in more than just price. Going by your rationale, why not just buy a Chevy Aveo with no options? That would be cheapest...

    If going solely by best bang for the buck, it's hard to argue that the Civic is not #1 out of the cars previously listed. Right now, since the Yaris is still fairly brand new, dealers around my area are selling them for just a tad under MSRP. I was 90% set on buying a Yaris sedan as my commuter car, but dealers were not cooperating. So I started looking into other cars...

    A comparably equipped Yaris sedan (I'm comparing the Yaris sedan as oppose to the hatch because it's more similar to the Civic sedan) cost about $15,000. This includes only the power package quoted by 5 different dealers. A Civic LX with no options could be had for about $16,000-16,500.

    So for about $1000-1500 more in the Civic, you get a larger/more powerful engine, nicer interior and airbags.

    Though, everyone does have their own personal reasons for buying what want, but I just believe that the civic is a better value. I ended up buying a civic.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Member Posts: 1,978
    "Going by your rationale, why not just buy a Chevy Aveo with no options? That would be cheapest... "

    Kia Rio ?? LOL

    Both Honda and Toyota are very reliable.

    Hondas tend to be more sporty than Toyota abiet less than Mazda ( exception S2000)

    The Fit is supposed to be nimble nad handle very well.

    If it were me betweeen the three mentioned I would get a manual shift Fit. Light, good handling, fairly responsive, and probably the best actual mileage. If you look at the weight, engines specs etc. The Fit is equivalent to the Civic in the 80s in power and weight.

    Good Luck,

  • slowpedalerslowpedaler Member Posts: 62
    Sure, the Civic and Yaris are in different price/car categories, but I tested a Yaris sedan before buying a Civic Coupe. A couple thousand dollars over the life of a 5-year loan is not a huge jump, and I took it. I was actually thinking about the Yaris Liftback with custom wheels and tires, but settled on the EX Civic and its stock alloys. I'm happy with my choice.

    By the way, I used to have an automatic Echo with the Yaris motor. Great mileage, slow.
  • akin242002akin242002 Member Posts: 30
    I recently bought 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan with an automatic transmission, and have drove my parents 2004 automatic Honda Civic EX before my purchase (I did not own the civic). The Yaris came with the power package. Besides not being in the same auto class, there are specific differences that should be pointed out.

    Positives for the Civic:
    1) The Civic has more standard features.
    2) The Civic has way more power (Based on my driving experience and official numbers at www.edmunds.com)
    3) The odometer is put in the center of the Yaris. For a young driver like myself it is not a problem, but for older drivers who are set in their ways it can be a problem. ;)

    Positives for the Yaris:
    1)The Yaris feels more spacious(Leg and hip room) :D .
    2)The Yaris cost $3,000 less than the Civic ($15,000 to $18,000)
    3) Insurance for the Yaris cost less!(May vary with driving record).

    The MPG are closely matched with the Yaris better in the city by 4 MPG and the Civic on the highway by 1 MPG. Even though I am very happy with my purchase, the Civic still wins because of horsepower (34 more horsepower) and more standard features offered.
  • rick119rick119 Member Posts: 21
    I do know that the bug looking yaris will allow you to feel every bump in the road! Check out the other Yaris to see if it rides as rough.
  • toyoman3toyoman3 Member Posts: 11
    Look at the car ads, and you'll see that the yaris sells for more than a similarly equipped accent, even with the price of gas being so high now, also if you read the customer reviews, you will see there are a few accent owners reporting problems with their accents and none for yaris
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    The Yaris should cost more used than a similarly equipped Accent, since the Yaris cost more as a new car. For example, right now it's possible to get a new Accent hatch for under $10k OTD or a loaded Accent GLS sedan for around $12k.

    I have seen quite a few problems discussed on the Yaris in the Yaris discussions here. And of course also problems with the Accent, in the Accent discussions.
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