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I started looking at trucks and decided on an F150
supercrew. A couple of days later I realized that
an F250 (crew cab) wasn't that much more. Now I
have some questions:

What would be the reasons for getting an F150
instead of an F250?

The dealer doesn't list the fuel milage for the
F250. Can anyone tell me what to expect for the
different engines?

I need a plush "office on wheels" with the ability
to haul stuff occasionally (lumber, steel, tools,
etc.). It seems that the F250 (or even the F350),
if fully loaded, can become a very impressive
environment with which to drive clients around
while also satisfiying the truck requirement. Am I
thinking correctly?

I think the dually looks great. Other than the
extra width issue, what would be bad about buying
one of these? Does this option affect fuel



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    Yes it will effect your milage, the more somthing weighs the more it takes to move it, the F250 is probably a better choice because it isn't that much more, and remember it is better to have too much truck than not enough truck.
    As for the DRW I wouldn't get it because it is much more than you need. Everything is going to be more to replace when they wear out, (brakes-tires-etc.)
    Hope this helps

    FYI. the Dodge w/ the cummins gets much better milage and from my experiance has fewer problems.
    (I converted from Ford to Dodge because of the problems I had w/ the Ford diesel)but they don't offer a true "four door" in their full size truck
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    I'm pretty sure that we're not talking diesels with a F-150 in the conversation. In general, when it comes to gas engines, the consensus is that the Dodge gassers get the lowest mpg. The Chevys get the best.

    Ford has discontinued making the F-250LD, so unless you're getting one off the lot, chances are that you are looking at a F-250 Superduty vs a F-150. Those are two different trucks on two different platforms, whereas the F-250LD was a beefed up F-150. If you are looking at a Superduty vs a F-150, I'd recommend driving them both and see how they feel to you. The F-150 should provide a more car like ride.

    The Superduty will be quite a bit heavier, which will have some impact on mpg. However, the guys who own the Superdutys with the V-10 and 3.73 are averaging 13.5-14.5 hwy. The average with the 5.4L may be 1-2 mpg, but some are quoting no more than the V-10. In the lighter F-150, you can probably count on 1-2 mpg better than the Superduty with the V-10 and 3.73, but I wouldn't count on too much more. The Chevys with the 5.3L appear to be getting 17ish on the hwy. The reason I mention the axle ratio is becaue it does impact mpg by about 1+ mpg. The higher the number, the lower the mpg. The 3.73 sounds ideal for your use. The 4.10 or 4.30 would probably be more than you need and not worth the mpg sacrifice.

    As far as the duallys, it would be overkill for your use. It will definitely feel more like a truck when you're driving, especially when maneuvering in parking lots. Most drive-thrus are out, which includes car washes, fast food, banks, etc. Some people have problems adjusting to driving around town with them. For me personally, after a week or two, I got to the point that I don't even know they are behind me.

    FYI, I have the duallys and the 4.30 axle ratio, but I have a 4,000+ pound slide-in cabover truck camper that sits in the bed, so I need both.

    My truck: 99 F-350 Superduty Lariat 4x4 dually V-10, 4.30 axle ratio, auto trans, AT tires, camper/trailer tow pkgs, and just about every option except the PTO. 11.5-12 mpg hwy, 9.5-10 in a 50/50 city/hwy mix. The 4.30, dually and 4x4 cost me about 2mpg over the same truck with the 3.73 and single rear wheel.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113

    I've got about 28,000 miles on the truck, about 10,000 of it with the camper in the bed.
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    If the "office on wheels" issue is important, the 250 crew has I think about 6" more leg room for the rear passengers than 150 crew, but compare the interior specifications either on the edmunds' new truck site or MSN Carpoint, I can't remember which, maybe both.
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    Enough said.............
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    I just ordered a F250 Crew Cab 4x4 SWB with the 7.3L diesel engine. I have heard all kinds of times to delivery with most saying it will take 8 months. I have also heard the other end of the spectrum saying it "could" be in in 8 to 12 weeks. Does anyone have a real expereince with how long it will take?
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    I ordered 11/23 and supposed to have delivery next week or week after
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    Anybody know what the stopping distance is on an F250 SD Diesel 4WD SC SWB or where I can get that piece of info. I've looked all over the web, called a half dozen dealers, even call AAA and nobody know a damn thing.
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    I would appreciate any advice I can get from some of the more experienced "posters" on this site.
    Here it goes: I ordered a 2000 F250 SD SC back on November 30th, 1999. At that time the dealer told me he had allocation and that he would order th truck right away. He siad I should get the truck in about 8-10 weeks. Later he changed his story to 10 - 12 weeks. Well here it is April 18 2000 and I still do not even have a build date, NOTHING!
    Basically I am just wondering if this sounds like a familiar theme, or am I just waiting for NOTHING!! Any words of encouragement (discouragement) would be welcome.
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    Get your deposit back and start looking elsewhere. Back when you ordered you were expecting a Y2k SD. Appears now that it will never be 2000 if it ever comes it'll be a 2001. My .02: I ordered 1/8/00, got VOPC 1/10/00, waited 3/4/00 until build, released from plant on 4/10/00 and am waiting for delivery week of 4/24/00. Its a F250, CC, XLT, 4x4, trailer tow, plow pack, 5.4, 4.10ls, I have been in close contact with the dealer all the way. They told me up front that I would never see it in 8-10 wks. 12-16 more like it. It'll be 3 1/2 months order to build paid $534.00 over Edmunds. Invoice. Did the dealer give you an order confirmation with a priority #? What have they told you?
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    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. th dealer I'm dealing with is pretty evasive. I do have in front of me an order form called a "vehicle order confirmation " it is dated 11/30/99. It states th order number an dgives a priority of 10 then order type "2"it also shows an Ord Pep number. I'm going to try and call ford again right now and try to get some more info as my dealer is not being very helpful. by the way this purchase was arranged by auto by tell. if you have any further, I'd appreciate it.
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    I ordered a F250 SC XLT 4x4 SB on 1/20. I took delivery on 4/20. The reason I waited so long was to get the V10. It seems that the dealers are only allowed two V10's per month. Is that the motor you ordered? If so, that could be part of the problem.
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    My buddy's got an F-250 diesel. 1999 model year. He has an ad for the Syclone Power Fan that disengages the fan as needed for up to 40 addl horses. Anyone familiar with this product? Does it work?

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    I have an F250 SD 4x4 Off Road with a 7.4 Diesel with 3.73 gears and I consistently get 17.5 to 18.5 mpg.
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    I received my '00 F250 SuperDuty with V10 in Feb. '00, after ordering it in June of '99. The "story" was that Ford was allocating all the V10's for the Excursions. In Minnesota where I live, I see Ford dealers' lots full of unsold Excursions while V10 SuperDutys are scarce, so maybe this allocation decision will be reversed.
    FYI, I average 11 mpg with the V10/3.73 rear end.
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    I have had my F250 sc 4x2 xlt sb for 23 months now. Hate the stories about long waits on ordering.Bought mine off the lot and the color even matches my drag car. It has 22000 miles on it now with the only work being re-calls and oil changes.
    Pulled to Bristel in Oct. and went over the smokies instead of around.No problems except for the funny looks that we got from cars that could hardly pull the mountain.
    I get 15 mpg on the road with the cruise set on 65 mph and get 10 mpg in town and pulling
    good luck to all Super Duty owners
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    We ordered our F250 SD Lariat 4x4 7.3L Diesel on March 15/00 and received it on May 20/00. That's in Canada though, and I hear we're getting much faster delivery times. Only have 1000K on it, so not enough to have any gripes - a beautiful truck to drive - love that diesel!
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    you got lucky your dealer probibly had an inbound truck that matched what you wanted. the reason for the wait on super duty's right now has been that one of the big rental truck companys has put in a huge order to replenish there fleet. ford is also not taking orders for 2000 model year any more they are only taking for 2001. they also opened the mexico plant to help with next year's orders.
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    We are getting conflicting opinions on the frequency of oil changes on our 2000 F250 SD 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel. We are used to doing an early oil change at 1000K (600 miles) on new gas engine vehicles, but the dealer says this is not necessary on a diesel. Friends say we should be doing one at about 3000K (1800 miles), and about every 5000 miles afterward. What are your experiences/recommendations? Our main consideration is not economy, but extending the life of the engine as we hope to keep this beauty just about forever!
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    On my three Ford F-250 diesels (aka Navistar) I followed this schedule.
    First oil change at 1000 miles.
    Second at 2500 miles.
    Third at 5000 miles.
    Every change thereafter at 5000 mile intervals.

    These three trucks run a 50/50 mix of freeway congestion and highway. About a quarter of a million on the first two (Non turbo '86 and '92). The third '99 SD has about 38K right now and was two years old last month.

    The only detriment to an early oil change cycle is the truck is slow to brake in. I believe that Ford uses some sort of a break in oil despite claims to the contrary. The '99 is my first turbo and at 38K it seems to be finally broken in.

    The '92 came with a magnetic insert in the oil pan drain plug. I remember being surprised at the metal particles trapped during the first oil change AND the complete absence of metal particles in all subsequent oil changes. What that says to me is that there is a bunch of metal do-do floating about in the oil as the engine goes through its first series of runs. I wouldn't want that do-do to remain in the motor very long.

  • crazywomancrazywoman Member Posts: 14
    Rich - thanks very much for your input. Seems like a good way to treat the engine.
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    This is my first time ever in this or any town hall type setting. I have read with interest the many questions and responses re: F250 and appreciate all of the help so far.

    I am planning to buy an F250 SD (probably diesel) to replace a very faithful Suburban! We plan to switch to a 5th wheel instead of a tow behind trailer and want to know if the short box will handle this? I think the SB looks better than the LB plus handling etc. I am not sure if the SB provides enough room etc.

    I see that a lot of you tow 5th wheels, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I pull a 30' 5th wheel with my SB F250 using a Reese Quikslide hitch without any problems. Just make sure you are on even terrain when moving it from the tow to the maneuver position.
  • acmurfacmurf Member Posts: 6
    Ever since my '99 F250 v10 auto 4wd was new 23,000 miles ago I've heard a droning noise that seems to come from the rear of the truck beginning at 67 mph. The dealer changed the entire rear axle assembly and driveshaft with no change. I now notice the same noise whenever the engine is at 2300 rpm in all gears. I suspect some sort of a harmonic condition in the engine. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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    I am considering a crew cab 4wd Diesel with an auto transmission, I have been told to make sure to get an aftermarket transmission oil cooler installed prior to towing my 6ooo# travel trailer, any input on this?
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    Occasionally I hear a drone from my SD BUT it is the 7.3L diesel. I attribute the noise to the radiator fan.

    With the trailer towing package a Transmission cooler is included. I think that who ever told you that you needed an after market cooler assumed that your truck would be delivered with out the factory cooler.

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    1999 f250 sd power stroke 4x4 rear tires wear at a much higher rate than the front. Checked with two other f250 4x4 owners and each of us have the same problem with the rear tires, two of us pull 5th wheels, however the third does not tow a trailer at all. Does any one have an answer as to the cause of this rapid tire ware?
  • fordtuffordtuf Member Posts: 101
    Just to continue a bit...
    My 99, F250,V-10 was ordered with the tow pkg.
    Ford makes a good one (my opinion), the is my second truck equipped the same way. Except V-10 of course. They use a "stacked plate" cooler rather than the coil & fin type. These are much more efficient & more expensive. If you don't get a truck with a cooler get the stacked plate when you add one on.
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    May have been answered before But I can't find it.
    Is the mileage much different with the four wheel
    drive? Any disadvantages to pulling a 5th wheel
    with the 4x4? Any advantages? We will not be going thru the mud holes. Diesel engine of course.
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    To buy new Ford pick-up or install new 5.4 Engine
    in excellent 85 Ford F 150 that's had a 5.0 302 engine.Current transmission is original automatic
    ( AOD )Can the 5.4 engine mesh up to trans and
    motor mounts.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    Different bell housing bolt pattern.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    Nothing is the same. not only will it not fit mechanically, but you don't have the computer to run the engine. You could work for weeks grinding, torching, welding, making it fit....and it still doesn't have a computer to plug into.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    As far as motors and ratios go this is only my opinion and only applies to my wants.

    I always get the most motor(V10) and lowest gearing(highest numerical, 4.30) I don't ever want to be in a situation where I wish I had more. The 4.30 gear ratio is almost negated by taller tires any way which is always one of the first things I do on a new truck while I still can get some value out of the take offs.

    The Super Duty board can tell you about the reliability of the shift on the fly system but I like the twin stick look myself(4WD and 5speed).

    Good luck
  • fordtuffordtuf Member Posts: 101
    I don't think you should see a mileage difference, due to all the posts I've seen.

    As for towing a 5th wheel. I can tell you about campers. If your camper is not high enough you can run the risk of crushing your tailgate when you go over the crest of a hill. If you have taller tires on your truck that's even worse.

    I have heard of people actually lowering their trucks. Have also heard of them fliping the axle on their trailer(putting them below the leaf springs).
  • delta10delta10 Member Posts: 1
    If I were you I'd go to Ford-Diesel.com ASAP. They have a Gas engine Forum now and you'll find a lot of general info on Super Duties. Membership is still free.
    I've got a PSD 6 speed 3.73 2wd Super Cab and so can't offer much of an opinion on the gasser 4wd options. It does seem to me that in the past when I've bought too little of anything (engine, trim level, whatever) I always regretted it.
    Good luck!
  • jimvetajimveta Member Posts: 96
    I agree with the rest of the replies. If you get
    the V8 and want more power later on, it'll cost
    more to bring it up or close to V10 spec (not
    including turbo/supercharger, which if you got
    the V10, you'd have more power for the same money
    of course) than just opting for the V10 in the
    first place.

    As for gears, I'd recommend that if you're gonna
    remaing with stock diameter (31.6") tires or change up to 33" tall tires, get the 4.3;
    but if you're going taller like 35" or higher, I'd
    get the 3.73 (base) then swap gears to 4.56 (or
    maybe ~4.88 for 38")

    I have ESOF 4wd and haven't had any problems,
    though I don't use it often. If the electronic
    hub locking mechanism ever fails, you can still
    manually lock it on the hub itself (of course, still have to engage transfer case
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    A trucker (Who moved me across country) once told me that diesels can torque the tread off a tire much quicker than a gasoline. The theory goes that the diesel has so much more torque that mashing the pedal puts a lot of pressure on the driving wheels. He said that you can take new tires down to the threads in just a few thousand miles.

    Since I acquired my first diesel I've adjusted my driving style. It's always ease down on the throttle and accelerate slowly. Typically, on any of my three F-250s tires last 60K miles or so. (I usually dump the tires when they're down to 4/32 of tread depth remaining.

  • patolocopatoloco Member Posts: 6
    I was wondering if Ford was offering a lighter duty 3/4 ton than the Super Duty F-250. I think I have seen the F-250 nameplates on the same body style as the newer half-tons, but I'm not sure about that. If they DO offer the light duty 3/4 ton, what are the differences when compared to the F-150 and the F-250 Super Duty?
  • gordonp3gordonp3 Member Posts: 2
    Just received our F350, 4x4, Diesel, Lariet,
    single not duelly, getting set up for our 5th wheel. Can we tow immediately, or do we need to
    "break it in"? Will have 50 to 100 miles when we start. Do not plan to go far that first trip, probably 300 miles round trip. Beautiful truck,
    heads turn to look at it.
    Thanks in advance.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    Interesting story about 'torqueing off tread'. Sounds like a back-porch story though, to me. Never heard of it before...not to say its impossible, but NEVER have I seen any difference in tire wears due to diesels.

    Think about it...if a gasoline truck and a diesel truck both accelerate at the same rate...its because the same torque (and horsepower) is being applied at the ground...so, there is no difference.

    Me hot-rodding my gasoline should wear everything much faster than you babying your diesel.

    the only real difference is when you are fully loaded to max weight, which is the only time the diesels peak torque at low rpms really shows and is used...thats the only time tires actually see that torque. Unloaded, it sees nothing different than any other 6 or 7K lb truck. Gas, diesel, hampsters, whatever!
    Make sense?
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    You're right and absolutely logical. I think that the heavily loaded as a mover's semi would be most of the time was the main culprit.

    I dun no, maybe I'm just getting to be an old ----(Sounds like that breakfast pastry that you cook in a toaster.) but I typically get in the 60-80K mile range from the tires on my pick up(s). I have changed my driving style, I do know that. With the old 6.9L it didn't make no never mind what you did! It was slower than slow. It was one of them deals where I could get there in 15.7 seconds with a lot of black smoke or 16 seconds without the smoke. Right now, I would guess that I almost never have full turbo boost going on.

    On the old 6.9L, it took the kid (19 at the time) about 8-10 months to need new rear tires. The front tires were OK (NOT PERFECT but just OK) at that time. I made him get 4 new ones ;););) and the cost "adjusted" his driving style for a while.

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    My "00", SD, CC, SWB, auto, 4x4, 7.3diesel came with the smaller 2" blocks (between rear axle and springs)I found a set of larger blocks (3.98") and installed them. This caused the rear end and entire truck to set up more like a 4x4 should! but I have noticed a "shudder" when pulling away from a dead stop. Does anyone know what causes or more importantly how to fix? The angle of the drive shaft "looks" ok does something need shimming to correct the drive shaft angle?? Any help or suggestions appreciated!
  • klernerklerner Member Posts: 3
    I am considering a power chip for my 2000 SD250 4x4, auto, 7.3ps. I have heard about numerous chips 50hp,75hp, 115hp. I have been told the 50 or 75hp chips can be installed without any additional mods, but anything with more than 75 hp will require other mods (exhaust etc). Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Diablo 75-78hp chip. Or other do's or don'ts concerning the aftermarket chips for the ps's
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    Being that I am a owner-operator of a couple of big trucks (KW's & Petes) as well as, being an owner of an F-250 Diesel. I can say that 'torqueing off tread' can and is a problem. You must remember the difference between torque and Horse power. Torque is how much strength I have and horsepower is how fast can I apply the strength. I.E. I can pull 1000 lbs at 60 miles an hour in 6 seconds.....

    Yes the heavier that the load is the more you will notice the torque power, but the torque is always there. The torque actually causes more problem when there is less weight, because of minute slippage.... Not burn the tires slippage, but tist the rubber tire slippage. Look at it this way, burning your tires will wear quickly, but it is slipping, so it actually has lost it's grip. 'torqueing off tread' means it is actually pulling the rubber off with un-noticable slippage....
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    So exactly what have you seen as torqueing off tread? what were cases that it does or doesn't happen?

    I'm still trying to grasp this concept.

  • cowboy24cowboy24 Member Posts: 1
    I am going to buy a 1999 or 2000 F-250 superduty diesel 4x4 in the near future. I can not decide on a manual or an automatic. Has ford had any transmission problems with the automatic. That is what I really want but I do not want to regret it in a couple thousand miles.I also would like to know about fuel mileage between the 6-speed and auto. Any info would be appreciated about this WONDERFUL truck. By the way, I do pull a cattle trailer on occasion through the beautiful East Tennessee mountains if that will help with info.
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    It's like this (Thanks iefpro), you stomp on it from a dead stop. The tire bites and the truck starts to move, then the tire slips that 1/4" but the engine doesn't have the acceleration to keep it slipping. The tire bites again and slips another 1/4", etc. It's the torque that starts the slip but the horsepower (acceleration) that keeps the slip going.
  • beckesbeckes Member Posts: 4
    I am looking for a new (00) F-250 XLT 4x4 regular cab diesel. Truck prices are quite expensive up here in Alaska. About 34K for the above vehicle, anyone know where the least expensive places to purchase a Ford are at?

  • fordtuffordtuf Member Posts: 101
    Ford offers the 3.73 & 4.30 I know.

    I have 99 F250, V10,3.73 gears.
    Mom has 00 F250, V10,4.30 gears.

    I run about 75 mph @ 2000 rpm, mom's truck
    runs about 65 mph @ 2000 rpm.

    Gas mileage will suffer about 2 mpg with the "lower" rear end gear, 4.30.

    3.73 means the drive shaft turns 3.73 revolutions for 1 revolution of the rear tire.

    4.30 drive shaft turns for 1 tire revolution.
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