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Honda Stream

dave_07dave_07 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Honda

For buyers awaiting the 2006 Honda Fit and wished it was just slightly larger with more power, then the 2007 Latitude may be the answer. Since the Fit is under the sub compact category and built on a civic platform it may very well come close to the 41 mpg e.p.a rating touted by Honda. Accord owners who will be transitioning to a Fit may feel a tad vulnerable during high speed on highways. Strong wind, encroachment of SUVs, and other external factors may make driving a compact on freeways a little unnerving. The 2007 Honda Latitude will be larger than the Fit, and may resemble the Honda FR-Vs that are sold in the U.K. and rest of Europe.



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Hi dave_07,
    We have an existing discussion about the Fit, and your comment is more about the Latitude. I'm going to change the name of this discussion so that members can use it to talk about the Latitude redesign. Thanks!

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  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    dave-07 It has been well over a year now that an article in Motor Trend mentioned the Latitude. The article stated that the Latitude would be the next generation Stream headed to NA in 2007. You state it MAY resemble the FR-V or JDM EDIX. Where are you getting your information?

    This year in NA, Mazda introduced the Mazda5. I have driven one and it's very nice. However, I prefer either Honda, the Stream or FR-V but really would like to see the Toyota Wish. These are all 6 seat vehicles, 2+2+2 for the Stream and Wish and 3+3 for the FR-V. Honda and Toyota may be waiting to see how the Mazda5 sells before coming here.

    You mention the FIT. A slightly larger FIT would be the AIRWAVE but from what has been mentioned on the FIT board is not coming here at least not now. I am sure the FIT is going to be a HIT now that fuel prices are going back up.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Member Posts: 678
    I don't think Honda has actually said anything about the Latitude. That doesn't mean it's not coming, but I don't think it will be for the 2007 model year. The US Fit is going to be sold as a 2007 model year car, not 2006.
    The new models for the US-market that have officially been announced by Honda are the 2007 Fit and "a new SUV model" (Acura RDX). The Latitude probably won't arrive until early to mid 2007 as a MY2008.

    If Honda did sell a car in the US called the Latitude, it would be probably based on the FR-V/Edix or maybe a new generation Stream, but not the Airwave.
    Honda may consider the Airwave and Fit Aria for the US market if the Fit takes off (which I predict it will). Takeo Fukui even said in an interview that they would be working to strengthen Honda's line-up, especially in the Fit category.
    However, there is a massive gap in Honda's line-up for a medium-sized 5-door MPV. The Odyssey is now too big and expensive for many people, and the Stream or FR-V would be a great addition to the line-up. The sooner the better.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I remember there was an older discussion about this.

    If Honda does build something like the FR-V, I would be highly interested in it as a 3rd car.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    In 4-Cars's (UK mag) future vehicles section, it mentions the 2007 Latitude....say's it's primarily for the US market but may come to the UK alongside the FR-V. (The Stream is currently sold alongside the FR-V). This would be welcome news....a genuine Honda Mazda5 competitor that may negate the need for a 3rd row seat in the upcoming CR-V. I've also heard that Toyota is looking at additional US plant capacity to add a "tall wagon" to their lineup and have seen spyshots of an extended version of Nissan's Note compact van (which thankfully seems to have lost the Note's ugly rear taillights). Things may be looking up!
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    I like the idea of 3+3, but to go further, I wish some of the mid-sized SUVs/minivans would come with 3+3+3. Not that I need to haul nine people around all the time, but it would be a nice option to have up front a middle seat that could be flipped up if necessary for sitting or flipped down as an armrest/cupholders, etc.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    Add Kia's upcoming Carens (to be called Rondo? in North America) to the list of upcoming Mazda5 competitors. If Honda doesn't get in the game soon, it's going to be the too-Late-itude!
  • odmanodman Member Posts: 309
    I've been wishing for the Stream for years now (not a fan of the FR-V). Hope Honda gets it's act together on this after the Fit launch. We're waiting.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    Check out the Carens (to be called Rondo in North America),
    Odman. Should be available later on this year (will officially be unveiled in May), following in the footsteps of the Mazda5.
    Not sure if Hyundai will have a version as well. With the exception of Mazda, the Koreans seem to be beating the Japanese to the punch.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    TOV has a spot on the Latitude....claims a new Stream is due in weeks and that Honda has kept up renewing the Latitude name here in North America, so who knows? Maybe we'll finally get it here after all. Certainly hope it would be the new platform and not the current version (as they did with the Fit). Never have been too fond of the current version's styling, even with the refresh, and I think they'd be at a competitive disadvantage vs. the Mazda5 and Kia Rondo if they bring anything other than the new version that's apparently due in a matter of weeks in Japan. Maybe the reason the next-gen CR-V seems to be sticking with a 5 seat design is that Honda will use the Latitude to cover off the small multi-seat vehicle part of the market.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    TOV has another bit on the new Stream, which is due in July. Some interesting tidbits on design & engine/transmission details, but no word on whether it'll be offered in North America. C'mon, Honda. We need this vehicle here now!
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    http://www.autoscoop.topcities.com/autoforum/viewtopic.php?t=13493&sid=e3a8d5305- 980cee65aae3225354d2b44

    No interior shots as of yet, nor word of if the Stream will show up here as the "Latitude"

    Pesonally, I'd prefer the new CR-V, as long as it has the Stream's interior layout (2+3+2).
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    According to Honda's website, the unveil date for the new Stream is the 4th of July....can't get more 'american" than that! Does that bode well for the Latitude?
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    I would suspect that the NA model (Latitude) will have have a more Civic nose and a rear bumper. How long have we been waiting for the Latitude or the Toyota Wish wheelz4? Looks like they will finally be coming our way. Power will probably be the 2.4l with 170-175 hp with a 5 speed automatic. Wonder if a manual will be offered? The 07 CR-V will not. Have you heard anything about the Matrix going over to Scion and Toyota getting possibly/hopefully the WISH?
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    ...though don't think that would happen in Canada, as we don't get Scions up here and Matrixes have sold really well. Still, would like to get the Wish in addition to the Matrix. Wish is probably due for a redesign, so if we do get it, I would imagine it would be the new version, whenever that's due. Only 2 players for sure as of now are the Mazda5 and the Kia Rondo (due the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007).
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    I've driven the M5 and it was alright but I wasn't sold on it. I don't know much about the Kia. They are getting better but still a question mark to me. I had an 05 Ody but it was huge and my wife didn't like it so I traded it for a Honda FIT. What a blast!! Now I'm looking for something a little larger to trade my 95 Accord EX which has 115,000 miles. It still runs like a champ and gives me 30 U.S. mpg back and forth to work. So I have time. Wonder when the Latitude or WISH would come - 08/09??
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    Official release in Japan, of Honda's new Stream. Pics & details on Honda's Japanese site, Carspyshots and Japanese Car Fans sites to name a few.
  • sundhario1sundhario1 Member Posts: 16
    I think the US market will adopt a car like this -- especially since the gas prices are nowhere close to headng back to earth. Plus -- I think the new envogue style will be the luxury mini cars or the luxury microtouers like the Honda Stream.

    So Honda -- if you read these forums -- please bring the car to the US market.
  • bmwcarsbmwcars Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me im new and i dont know how to post a new thread? :blush:
  • toronado455toronado455 Member Posts: 83
    I agree with what people are saying here about the need for a microvan type vehicle here in the USA.

    There were some early attempts by Mitsubishi with the Expo and Expo LRV (and before that, the Colt Vista) and by Nissan with the tall Stanza Wagon and Axxess. But they never really caught on.

    I think the problem was that at that time, minivans were just coming out and they were a better value. But the early minivans were much smaller. Now that minivans are really only "mini" in name, there is a large gap between the small subcompact hatchbacks and today's larger minivans.

    And with the lack of an Accord or Camry wagon, there is nothing to fill that gap except for an SUV.

    But there are those of us who don't want an SUV. Unfortunately, it seems we are in the minority.

    Lets hope that Mazda can get the ball rolling by selling the Mazda5 and that Toyota and Honda will finally see fit to bring a similar vehicle to the USA market!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Hi bmwcars,
    Stop by this discussion:
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    There's probably a discussion that already exists that would be appropriate for your question, but we'll be glad to help you over there.

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  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    Look at this. Not the best picture and will have to see more from the Tokyo Auto Salon. Please Honda!

  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    Take a look at this 9 minute movie produced by Honda. The last 4 minutes show the Honda Stream Hyper Sport.

  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    Today Honda introduced the Crossroad in Japan and both Edmunds and VTEC.net report it will "probably" be coming to N.A. I for one would like to have the Stream. Guess time will tell.

  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    The Stream will eventually come. The engine should be a 2.4L engine borrowed from the 08 accord. The Crossroad won't come to the states. Also planned is a new crossover to slot in between the CR-V and Pilot. Maybe it's the stream but probably isn't.
  • mac91mac91 Member Posts: 5
    The Accord is supposed to get a diesel with Honda's new catalyst next year.No need for urea injection with this set up. With fuel costing over 3 bucks a gallon, why not put this motor in the Stream? I have been driving Hondas for 25 years but the upcoming Jetta TDI wagon,although more complex, is still looking pretty attractive. If no Stream diesel, I will likely jump ship to VW.
  • ndmervingeorgendmervingeorge Member Posts: 1
    Here is a test drive review on the new Honda Stream in Malaysia

    Essential Motoring 101

  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Honda is still studying whether to bring it here to the states. The JDM crossroad will NOT come to the states. This vehicle will most likely be in between the Pilot/CRV. Next Pilot is expected to grow a little and an in between vehicle might work.
  • speedingticketspeedingticket Member Posts: 33
    I hope it does arrive on our shores. Gas prices aside, some people prefer a nimble city vehicle that can hold 4 people comfortably and a couple more in a pinch. I don't have too much interest in buying an 8 passenger minivan or crossover that will get poor fuel economy and pollute needlessly. The Mazda5 did exceptionally well here in Eastern Canada, I am pretty sure the Stream would do well here also.
  • hondaruhondaru Member Posts: 11
    Agreed, I haven't seen in mpg numbers on this but I'd love to see this in a diesel, as a earlier postor noted, or a hybrid. If it were the latter it would be the only one in the market, and with $4 gas, would sell like hotcakes. Let's get going Honda!
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Honda has trademarked the name Latitiude. It's built on the Accord platform and will likely seat 7. My guess is the JDM Odyssey. If the stream does come then it will likely get the K24 instead of the R18 and R20. 2 new Honda models are coming out within 2 years.
  • herdingdog1herdingdog1 Member Posts: 2
    Here is a web link I think everyone will find interesting http://www.honda.co.jp/ODYSSEY/styling/ It is in Japanese and I have no idea if this will be more like we get in the states but still....
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Very nice vehicle. It needs a diesel to put the mpg way up there. All that torque is perfect for a minivan.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Actually Honda is interested in bringing either the stream or the JDM Odyssey. The original Odyssey in Japan had a v6 version that was never sold here. They even made the v6 in Ohio and shipped it to Japan for JDM consumption. The stream will likely have a 2.4L engine from the accord and not the 1.8 and 2.0L R series engine. The K24 would give it decent power and Mileage. Honda also has the R18 and R20. The R18 is used in the 2006 and up Civic non Si and hybrid.
  • anglejolieanglejolie Member Posts: 1
    The new Honda Stream MPV, which replaces the older homonymous model since July 14 in Japan, has been at last officially announced. The restyled version features much more aggressive and mature appearance and also makes some family resemblance with current Honda Odyssey JDM.

    angle :D

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  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    I'm sure it could come here. I think that and the JDM Odyssey would make 2 great additions to the lineup. The Stream will likely have Honda's largest 4 cylinder and the JDM Odyssey might be sold with a 4 and a 6. The JDM Odyssey has been redesigned and looks like it could do well in the states. The rumored name for this crossover or one of them is the latitude.
  • toronado455toronado455 Member Posts: 83
    The new JDM Odyssey looks good!
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Member Posts: 247
    Check out either VTEC.net or Autoweek.com They have pictures of the new Accord Sport Wagon! Nice!
  • toronado455toronado455 Member Posts: 83
    Sweet! :)
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Honda might have both the Accord CUV and the Stream. The Stream if it does come here won't be made in Japan. It will be made in Alliston, Ontario in Canada. I think both vehicles could work out for Honda. Hope this helps.
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