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Possible to add Downhill Assist Control to 2013 Rav4?

idntnvuidntnvu Member Posts: 254
edited September 2017 in Toyota
I have a 2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited I bought used a year and a half ago. I now have 45k miles on it, and love it except the fact it's terrible in the snow. I live on top of a mountain and have to drive down the mountain in order to get to work (I'm a 911 dispatcher, I HAVE to be there) and last winter I went down the mountain sideways because as soon as I tapped the breaks on the snow covered hill, it broke loose and went sideways. I hate the fact the transmission does not hold back AT ALL when going down hill, even in 1st gear. The thing practically freewheels up to 25 or 30mph in 1st gear. I'm now seeing that apparently there was an option on Rav4s called Downhill Assist Control, or "DAC." Apparently this was a standard feature on previous model Rav4s that had the V6 engine. When Toyota did away with the V6 with the 2013, apparently DAC went away too. Does anyone know anything about possibly adding DAC now? Or is that something it would have had to be equipped with from the factory? I like the vehicle otherwise, and it's very dependable, minus the fact its the snow-driving vehicle I've ever owned, and it's so lightweight the least little wind blows it all over the roadway. For those reasons, and for my sanity this winter, I'm considering trading it for a Subaru Forester with XMode. That feature absolutely impressed me and practically sold me on the vehicle. But, only having had the Rav4 a year and a half, I'm rather upside down in the loan and trading it at this point would be a horrible financial decision.

Anyone who can offer any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited AWD
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