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Published: 09/01/2017  - by Jonathon Ramsey

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  • Mikey1273Mikey1273 Member Posts: 1
    Great article and good to see not all trucker are trying to own the road because of size like most private vehicle driver's seem to think at rush hour. My only complaint about truckers is sometimes the younger ones seem to not obey all traffic laws or be courteous in traffic .a big thing is blocking up intersections. If traffic is backed up you are not supposed to enter the intersection if you can't proceed through. Many driver's do this any way thinking me first but then the light changes and no one can move in the other direction. It's even worse when an 80,000 pound truck is in the way. I seen this recently and the other drivers were upset and honking at the truck driver, who acted like it wasn't his fault he could not move out of the way. Not something a trained professional driver should do.
  • DCowboys2019DCowboys2019 Member Posts: 1
    Great article,I myself started driving trucks last year and it's amazing how ignorant car drivers are to the fact that you mentioned, I think they should pass a law that in order to get your drivers license you must take some kind of test what you should and should not do when you go to pass a semi and other words driving safely when around semi s
  • BrakeshoeBrakeshoe Member Posts: 1
    Great article after 33 years not much surprises me anymore. And yes DCowboys2019 I have said the same thing about educating new drivers on what a truck can & can't do .
  • BlackstarBlackstar Member Posts: 1
    Also watch out for break checkers . Who also causes accidents , are just trying to get insurance money out of companies . Cuz they'll do everything they can to make it your fault . As goes for those who can't until they get to there exit .
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