What is causing the IVM to keep blowing in the BMW 5 Series

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Sunroof drain got clogged which caused leakage in the trunk fuse panel and blew my IVM. I have replaced it twice and initially got power restored but everytime I attempt to start the car the IVM blows. Are there any solutions before I have it towed to the dealership?


  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    You have replaced the IVM twice and still assume that it is the problem?
    First, you have to determine that there is no water intrusion anywhere else.
    How does the wiring harness look? How does the connector look? Corrosion, melted or other?
    Visual inspection may reveal a lot.

    But if everything looks ok and you are still having troubles. then you have to determine what is blowing the fuse.
    Is it the IVM or the harness?
    Are you buying OEM modules or aftermarket? If aftermarket, how certain are you that you are getting the correct one?

    I know, lots of questions, but we can't see the vehicle or put our hands on it.
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