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Monthly Update for August 2017 - 2017 Ford Escape Posts: 10,006
edited September 2017 in Ford
imageMonthly Update for August 2017 - 2017 Ford Escape

We didn't add many miles to the odometer of our 2017 Ford Escape in July, but it is nearing the 20,000-mile marker just nine months into its test.

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  • I rented an Escape with the 1.5L Ecoboost for a family vacation last month in UT, WY, ID and MT. We put 1,500 miles on the car in 12 days. It wasn't the Challenger that we reserved but after getting over the initial disappointment, we appreciated that the Escape, while less exciting, was the better vehicle for our family trip through The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and surrounding areas. I had a family of four and lots of luggage. The Escape returned 31 mpg. No city driving but most was at altitude with lots of hills and a good amount on interstates going 70 or 80 mph. Lots to like about the car. Not impressed by build quality as this example with 11K miles had rattles all around and a tailgate that didn't close securely about 25% of the time. The start/stop feature was excellent and after a day I started noticing the stops when the engine didn't shut off more than the stops where it did. The seats were great, keeping this driver comfortable for many long drives.
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