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Nissan Maxima 2016 slips in wet conditions

manoj517manoj517 Member Posts: 8
edited September 2017 in Nissan

I have a 2016 Nissan Maxima SR, which has clocked 22,000 miles. I've been having problem with this car in wet conditions, the front wheels slides when I go through a puddles at highway speeds (45-50mph). This was happening since the beginning of the purchase, and the tires are GoodYear Asymmetric Eagle F1 All Season tires. I have read reviews about these tires and they all are praising these tires , Car and Driver says these are best performance all season tires which handle well in wet conditions. But, it's quite opposite in my case, I go almost 5 miles below speed limit when it's raining.

Do you think it's the tires or some problem with car itself?.

BTW, I have no experience with cars, this is my first car.

Thank you.


  • krzysskrzyss Member Posts: 849
    Speed limit does not mean much when the road is covered with water (or snow, or ice).
    If you are driving too fast for the tire to evacuate water from underneath you aquaplane.

    It is either your too high speed or not enough tread on the tires, or both.

    How much tread do you still have on your fronts? Have you rotated tires?

    It may be time to buy new tires.

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USMember Posts: 898
    Second vote for the speed. Even brand new tires will hydroplane if the water is deep enough.
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