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I have a 05 Tacoma that I love. One of my favorite features are the D-Rings that are installed in the back of the bed. I have been looking for information about installing two more tie downs in the front of the bed but haven't had much luck finding any info.

I talked to the dealer and they recommended putting them on the side wall near the front. The only problem is they need to be reinforced due to the fact they are not attached to the frame or anything else.

I talked with a 4x4 outfitter and they recommended removing the washer under the bolts that attach the bed to the frame and adding a steel tab that I could attach the hooks to.

I just wanted to see if any one has had any experience with this sort of project.


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    I've searched, and can't find this topic...

    I bought a 2001 Tacoma Double Cab yesterday. It's pristine except for a few items. One of the issues is yellowed headlight lenses. I've seen this on a lot of American vehicles, but this is the first on a Japanese one! Can I somehow remove the lenses and polish out the yellow, or do I just need to pony up and buy the black headlight kit? It would look nice, but isn't in the budget right now...
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    That yellow haze is usually on the outside of the lens. I've had some success with "Lexan" which is available at most auto parts stores. It will remove haze and minor scratches from most plexiglass and plastic items such as bug shields, head lamp lenses etc..

    Good luck.
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    Thanks, ftoften! I'll give that a look-see. I was afraid it was on the inside, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get rid of that...

    Funny that the stuff you mention is called "Lexan", though. Lexan is a brand name for polycarbonate!
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    I put them on my 05 Taco - 3" up from the bed and 3" back from the front portion of the bed - on the wheel well side, I have a 4"x4" 1/8" piece of aluminum as a backer plate -- it works fine -- when I bought the rings ($50) they did not come with the nuts -- it is a real hassle getting the nuts that fit - Toyota Dealer was very lazy about the two nuts I needed -- make sure you have the nuts before you leave with he d-rings
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    The dealer didn't have the whole tie down kits on them when I was there, so I just got the D-rings with the nuts, but no backing plate. I was just wondering if you have had any problems with heavy loads (motorcycles, ATV's)?
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    Upon further inspection the d-rings did not come with the nuts, however I quickly found them at home depot for 12 cents each. I went to a local sheet metal joint and they hooked me up the two pieces of 4 x 4 x 1/8 aluminum with a perfect 7/16 hole in the center for the bolt. After drilling the holes in the bed the rest was a breeze.
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    If you buy the proper Toyota accessory D-Rings (not replacements for the original ones bolted to the rear of the bed, but the DRings intended for the front) they come with a combination backing plate and nut, and easy to follow instructions.

    I bought them for about $40 online.

    I would suggest using the ones intended for the application as it makes life simple, and apparently they cost no more (or less?) than the replacement (rear) pair.
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    Just saw your post and was wondering Where you bought the D-Rings, as Toyota says they have NON for the front area.
    Where online did you buy them and what are they called, so I can order them. By the way, Toyota tells me if I drill through the bed, it voids my warranty...isn't that nice :mad:
    Let me know...thanks,
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    When you say "Toyota says..." do you mean the dealership?

    D-Ring p/n
    PT785-35054 - D - Rings, QTY: 1.00 @ $18.40 = $18.40
    I also ordered with
    PT785-35051 - Mini Tie-Downs, QTY: 1.00 @ $27.60 = $27.60

    which is why I remembered the ~$40 number.

    these are toyota parts, that come with a Toyota instruction sheet, that tells you to drill the hole, how big, and where.

    See the following link: M9AYYBrW00D6M7P%5F%2DdyoEhErJ4jmrXxfeJ%5F6IWKffl2K%5FcBH3WBl6IHuD%2D2ozBz4w6IPes- WKc29cdYz%2DvsmPVPSH0CZHjodNLurt7qIdbxSQtJj44HuBmPp%5Fxu15S7xfFCHbvY0FJx7QHZeMVf- qf902NqdJCIyeqJFP52emyOAL5FBy8JyjuSmICERKj3i6TFZ7hDVZm8Q6PaiJspY7eGzyN7af6Lwnc8d- Zl3%5FxsF1oROW3y%2DQyKtTBg%2E%2E&
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    Yep...When I went to the dealer and made the inquiry about the D-Rings for the front, they indicated there was No application for D-Rings for the front of the bed.
    When I asked about buying another set as the rear and installing them with a backing for the front, they (the Dealer) told me that ANY tampering or drilling of the bed liner would void the warranty on the bed liner.
    I'll take a look at your link...if this is a Toyota product, then "maybe" not all dealers know about the product their selling?? :P Thank you, Ed
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    Hello out there- I recently purchased an '05 double cab tacoma and was wondering if anyone knows of a good website to purchase some nerf bars; preferably black. Thanks
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    I would suggest Westins. They are a very good product.
    Google Westin and you should find any number of dealers...
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    I'll give that website a look-thanks again.
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    I have black Westin Tube Steps on my '05 double cab. I got 'em from a seller on Ebay.

    You can see 'em on my truck here

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    Hi Ed,

    I had the same experience when I asked my dealer. He said that it could not be done because of the new composite bed. I have learned to trust no one though, so I am curious what you found out.

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    As I said earlier-

    these are toyota parts, that come with a Toyota instruction sheet, that tells you to drill the hole, how big, and where.

    See the following link: - M9AYYBrW00D6M7P%5F%2DdyoEhErJ4jmrXxfeJ%5F6IWKffl2K%5FcBH3WBl6IHuD%2D2ozBz4w6IPes- - WKc29cdYz%2DvsmPVPSH0CZHjodNLurt7qIdbxSQtJj44HuBmPp%5Fxu15S7xfFCHbvY0FJx7QHZeMVf- - qf902NqdJCIyeqJFP52emyOAL5FBy8JyjuSmICERKj3i6TFZ7hDVZm8Q6PaiJspY7eGzyN7af6Lwnc8d- - Zl3%5FxsF1oROW3y%2DQyKtTBg%2E%2E&

    Not to be confused with a Toyota dealer salesperson, svc writer, or mechanic who hasn't done their homework, and therefore is unfamiliar with the product.
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    Thanks. I tried to use that link and could not get it to work. If I go to the site, what do I search for? I tried, d anchor, tie down, bed tie down, tie and even just "bed" and came up with no matches. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

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    Try this link for "cargo tie down rings."

    Steve, Host
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    Damn pb2themax, you have some seriously nice mods happening to your truck. It looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work and pictures. Would you be able to provide more info on how you installed the interior plugs? I like what you did, looks pretty factory. How are your Westin Nerfs keeping up? I was thinking about some Nasta but aren't really familiar enough to know which will hold up over time (in terms of not rusting).
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    That worked! Thanks. I am heading over to show the dealer in a few minutes. This should be interesting
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    I installed the front D rings the week I bought my 2005, don't get to wrapped-up in the measurements for the placements (that come with the D ring instructions). If you look under the truck at the back side of the bed 1" one way or another is not a big deal.
    The instructions have you measuring down to the mm and there is no wiring or lines in the area.
    But be safe and look first.
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    The dealer was surprised to say the least.
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    Has anyone installed the front D-Rings on a SB DC? The directions show a LB, and I know it says to do the same for a SB, but I was looking at my truck last night and the area I would be putting them is right into the wheel well. In the picture on the istructions it shows putting them forward of the wheel well.

    I just want to make sure it's do-able on a SB DC before I order the parts.
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    Same position from front wall of bed and floor.

    Instructions text says:
    "NOTE: Illustration is for long bed,D-cab short
    bed uses the same process."

    What they are saying is to ignore the details of the pictorial and follow the instructions and dimensions.

    I installed mine, per instructions, months ago and am very pleased with result.
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    The Westin Tube steps are great. Easy install. Click on my name and send me an e-mail. I've got more info and lots more mods.
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    I'm looking for a full size four door pick up truck with a seat belt in the rear center position. Does anyone know if they make one and if so what make/model/year.
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    Your posting is SO not in the right place.

    This topic deals w/ remedying headlights that have acquired a yellow haze.

    Try one of the general forums, or a particular brand/model under the generalized topics like Tacoma 2005+.

    However, a more direct answer would be for you to look at mfr's literature, either in the real world or online.
    Most, like toyota's website, will provide you w/ all the data you could want regarding safety equipment like seat belts. The articles about trucks on will also.

    FWIW, the Tacoma does have a middle position seat belt in the rear of the double cab. (Tacoma is not a "full size" truck, but this is where you posted.) I would expect almost all 4 door full size trucks to have 3 seating positions in the rear, therefore middle seat belts.
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    I've used Meguiar's Scratch-X, with very good results. Once you get them cleaned up, do them at each oil change. I use an old white athletic sock (you use it like a mitten)to apply and remove it.
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    I have two cars one a Honda Acoord the second a Nissan Altima both each have one headlight that has turned yellow, I read about some product sthat would help but I was unabale to find any of them in my area, is there another suggesstion other then buying new headlights :confuse:
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  • practicalguy1practicalguy1 Member Posts: 10
    Ok, got the new (I mean really new shipped from assembly 29 miles) 2006 2wd 4cyl auto Access cab with SR5 package. Just wanted basics for first time truck owner; I think I was able to get a really good deal on last day of the month. OTD with tax and title included $19,870.

    Anyway, right off the bat I need some recommendations where I go online to purchase:
    a) the black fender moldings -- and instructions to mount them. I think this will add a little more strength to the asthetics of the wheel wells.
    b) 2wd doesn't come with splash guards on front; so a link would be good for this too.

    thx gang --- give me your opinions of the moldings and whether you are pro or con for this.
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    A reporter would like to talk with owners of vehicles with headlight covers that are becoming cloudy or yellowed. Please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact info, vehicle details and a few words about your experience no later than Thursday, May 11.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
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    I had a fiberglass cover installed on my 2005 double cab,short bed(5 foot)Tacoma. The only problem I see with the cover is the hinges. When you close the cover the hing takes up most of the space for the rails/tie downs. I also have a bed divider it needs about 8 inches of the rail space to tighten it on the rail. With the cover closed I had to move the divider in front of the hinges, which put it about 3/4 up in the bed, not much good that way.
    If I could remove the clamps used to hold the cover rails in place I think it would allow more space for the tie downs and divider to work better. I read the discussion on front tie down rings (aftermarket from toyota). I would like to know if anyone has drilled holes in the bed rail and removed the big clamps. I know it is a composite material but they make self tapping screws that hold pretty good. If I could reach the bottom of the bed rail, as discussed in the tie down rings, I could put a lock nut on the screw and remove the clamps.
    Any suggestions.
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    Hello fellow Tacoma owners, I am a newbie to this site so please bear with me if I error in posting.

    I have found a Grill Guard company that looks like they make sweet guards but stopped with the 2004 model year. (Tal & Hadas also known as T&H)

    They are based in Brooklyn and have offered me a free Brush Guard, Skid Plate and Side Steps ($1500 value) if I bring my truck in for a week to have their engineers get the measurements off of it so they can design guards for the new style.

    Unfortunately, I live in North Carolina and don't have any way of "dropping" my truck off. I was hoping someone closer would take them up on their offer and want a free set?

    Their website is

    Good luck, their stuff looks sweet, especially if you can get it for free.
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    I just purchased a 07 Tacoma SR5 4-dr SB with the 4L a/t. Where is a good place to shop for accessories and aftermarket goodies? I also would like to add XM (I have the old Skyfi unit from my last truck, an F250) and an alarm (beyond the "clicker" set I got with the keys from the stealership).

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    Anyone need painted running boards for their Tacoma Doublecab?
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    Westin does'nt make nerf bars for my vehicle (2000 tacoma prerunner extended cab, something strange on the 2wd, only make for 4wd prerunner. Checked with Bully also. Any thoughts on where to get them for my vehicle?? appreciate any help
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    I have a 2007 Dbl Cab Tacoma with the sport package. I was wondering if any of you actually made the fake hood scoop into a functional one? Was it a lot of trouble and was it worth it?
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    I have an '07 Tacoma and put an ARB winch bumper and winch on my truck along with a Daystar leveling kit on the front to bring it back up to stock ride height. 3 months later I hauled 300lbs in the bed and it now leans almost an inch to the left. I have been fighting with the dealership as they want me to return the truck to completely stock before they will replace any of the springs. Even 4 Wheel Parts (where I had everything installed) said they cant find anything wrong and it has to be a bad spring. The dealership even put it on a frame machine to see if the frame bent and its not. So now they are saying its because of the bumper and winch that weigh less than 200lbs. This is complete [non-permissible content removed]. So heres what I need help with I need anyone that has or knows someone with the same bumper to take pics of your truck no matter what year and send them to me. The pics will help me fight the dealership. And has anyone else had this problem?
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    Just bought a new Tacoma i live in a state where you need a front license plate. Is anyone familiar with a license plate bracket that does not screw into the bumper?? i have seen a version in the past but cannot now locate..thanks for any input
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    I was wondering if you ever worked on converting your fake hood scoop?
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    I'm purchasing an 09 Extended Cab Prerunner Long Bed and will add a box/shell to match.
    I have the option of getting the factory roof racks on the cab and or on the box. I have a 21cf Trule Carrier Box (think Mr. Spock's coffin) and need to decide if it will be better carried on the cab or on the box. Even with either a rear shift of the cab racks (if adjustable) or a forward [non-permissible content removed] off the box racks - I am concerned that the box will either sit too far forward or too far back and interfear with trailer towing. I don't have access to a live model of the rackings to observe, so I am asking here to see if anyone has experience on such matters for guidance.
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