2011 Chevy Equinox Problems

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Two months after purchase an engine light came on and the catalytic converter required replacement. Then the O2 sensor and the solenoids. Engine light after engine light came on. This final stretch, starting with a small then moderate, moving to extreme oil consumption, finishing with a $4000 estimate for replacing the pistons and timing chains before the engine completely blows out (an estimate of $7000) has ended with a two-ton paperweight in my garage. I search, seeking guidance and advice regarding this latest problem. Search after search brings forth more and more customer complaints exactly like mine, along the same time line, one problem following another, all with the 2011 Equinox. The NHTSA has 363 registered complaints about this specific model, along with 683 car owner complaints on other sites. There have been 203 Manufacturer Communications and 259 Technical Service Bulletins about this model. The fuel pump has been recalled (and replaced) due to oil seepage into the gasoline. The oil life percentage computer program has been recalled to be updated (causing more owners to go longer between oil changes based on trusting their faulty on board diagnostics, which I am unsure if the previous owner did with my purchased Equinox). Customer's personal stories of driving down the highway when the timing chain breaks, leaving them stranded on the side of the road, beside a vehicle they can no longer drive, or ever depend on again. I met a woman randomly at a food truck who had an Equinox who lamented her complete engine overhaul because trading it in made them upside down on their car loan.

I understand cars break. They get quirky with age, needing repair. But the problems I am experiencing with my Equinox are unique and widespread to this specific SUV. Apparently so much that specific VINs have been recalled and repaired but not mine (or many others who have filed complaints). Putting band-aids on it with the small recalls aren't fixing the issue.

Has anyone with this model had any help from Chevy?
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