2nd Generation Camaro Mods

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Wanted to know if the nose and chin of a 1970 camaro can be put onto the front end of a 1979.
Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Anything is possible given enough time, desire and money. However I think this is FAR from a bolt-on front end swap and involved quite of bit of sheetmetal work under the fenders, not just replacing the '79 front end with a early 70's front end.
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    Took a 1987 Camaro with a 305 tuned port injection and swapped it with a rebuilt 350. Kept the injection system. Bolted right on. Research shows that I have 19(?) lb injectors and need 22lb. Any advice? I have mass air and not speed density. Also, the fuel line is badly corroded. Is this an easy job to replace?
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    what are some OTHER CHOICES for a front steering box[smaller] camaro rack/pinion steering? s-10 box? I have a 79 camaro sub-frame on a 52 buick, the camaro has front steering and is tooo big too allow the front sheet metal to sit low enough. the radiator support rests on the top of the steering box and the radiator sits BEHIND that, so a new box of some kind is in order....would like to instal a rack/pinion set-up....any info is appreciated.....Pail
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    yes it is. the 70 front end will be shorter than the 1979 front end. you will have to replace everything including the frame itself.
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    I just bought my 89 camaro rs a week ago and when i go to start the car it take two to three trys to start it. It just wont turn over and i went to b&bs and they ran a error check and it said that the timing computer or somthing need to be replaced. Does anyone know what that part is and how much it is... and how much to replace it...Can anyone help me???
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    Will the doors innerchange on these years?
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    67and 68 will 69 i don't know.
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