Vue or V70?

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Here's the dilema. For an assortment of reasons, but mainly proximity
to dealership and seating comfort, we've narrowed down the car choices
for my wife to the '06 Saturn Vue (V6, fwd) and the '05 Volvo V70 (2.4
non-turbo). Both seem pretty close in space and efficiency.
Performance is a non-issue for my wife, but she agrees the Saturn should
be the V6 (Honda). The Volvo will cost about 3 grand more. It's an
untitled demontrator with about 5,000 miles. The Volvo also comes with
a 3 yr./36,000 mi. maintenence package plus a loaner car for all
service. Even with those perks I'm very concerned about Volvo
reliability. My gut feeling is that the Saturn would be the wiser
choice for the long run. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    If you buy the demo car make sure you have it certified VOLVO USED so that you can continue with the warranty and get all the warranty perks (like loaners)from the dealer. Also, make sure you drive it and they fix EVERYTHING you find broken before you sign your name. If you don't some things may not be covered. I love my V70 xc. It does great in the snow and you can pack it full of stuff and have room to breath. Saturns are good cars too, but you will always spend extra and get extra when you go with Volvo. Good luck....
  • crissmancrissman Member Posts: 145
    To answer my own question, we got the Volvo. So far, so good. I'm very impressed with all the little touches, fit and finish, and road feel. After driving Japanese cars for many years (actually I still do since this is my wife's car)the Volvo is a pleasant change. Sure hope all the little extras continue to function for many years.
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    Nice move Crissman! I just made a similar move with the V70 and I have been very pleased with the results. I am sure you will like it over the Vue. :)
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    Is this comparison of any justice?
    A Vue to a Volvo has to be a 20K difference in price? you cant compare these two.
  • crissmancrissman Member Posts: 145
    Please read my first post. There truly was only about a 3K difference in price after bargaining a bit for the Volvo. The V6 Vue, when all decked out, stickered for over 25K.
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    Had coolant system checked at dealer.....they performed dye/black light test coolant leak. I still smell coolant odor with heat on. Anyone else with simular problem??

    08 Vue...MFG date 06/2007..... :lemon:
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    I had a 1995 Honda Accord Wagon EX-R for 10 years and I change for a 2005 Volvo V70 Its was the bad decitions. Honda Service wow #1 but went I stop in a volvo dealer its a headeach, everything is money.

    The volvo have to much noise and vibrations and the honda is so quiet, Why honda don't sell the wagon in us anymore.
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