Honda Civic Si 2006 vs Pontiac Solstice 2006

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this would be my first car. so i should really ask the pros

which one should i choose? price is about the same... features i am kinds aware... but the thing is what are the direct comparison points to take note of? reliability. performance. features. real cost to own and so on.

thank you so much for your opinion


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    I think you should first think about what you'd be doing with the car. They're different enough that you'll find your answer there.

    The Civic has back seats, and a decent trunk. You might want either of those if it's your only car. It has a fixed roof. It needs to be revved very high to get the most out of it. It will be likely to have less minor problems through its lifetime, though both are first-year models. It'll be safer in a crash. It'll be better for listening to music. It'll have much higher insurance.
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    If you move from apartment to apartment, like to take a group of friends out with you, do stuff like take a bike to the park, etc., the Civic will work better for you. Not as well as a small truck, maybe, but certainly better than a Roadster.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for more of a hobby car, something that you drive just for the fun of getting out and driving, in my book, nothing beats top down, front engine, rear wheel drive fun. My first vehicle was a motorcyle. A roadster to me is a natural step up.
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    I looked at both as well as the Sky and the MX5. The Sky is better looking than the Soltice, although the few Soltices that I have seen in person have been very nice.

    The Honda Civic Si is a little better performance unless you go with the Soltice GXP. The Honda Cici will be much more reliable!

    You are considering two different types of cars a convertible versus a sports coupe. There is cargo space and better theft protection with a coupe. Also , it depends on how much you drive and how long you paln to keep the car. Convertibles get noiser and require some additioanl maintenace after only a couple of years. Typically convertibles have a higher insurance cost. The Civic Si requires premium fuel, but gets better mileage so that may be a push. The Civic Si 6-speed is buttery smooth!

    Both are fun to drive! I choose the Civic Si, But both are great choices ( here ther are advertising the basic touring MX5 for less than $20K; of the convertibles that is the best value for the money!)

    double sixes,

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    Hi all,
    I am seriously thinking of buying the 2006 Honda Si Coupe. All the internet sales managers I dealt with seem to have the same strategy. Either they one Si left and a few are on the way, or they don’t have any in stock. Of course, when they do “get” more Si cars, they are ridiculously over the sticker price. Has anyone else had this experience in the LA area? If anyone has had a decent and fair experience with any Honda dealer in the LA area, please let me know. I feel as through these dealers have no scruples and try all sorts of tactics to get you pay above sticker price. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's a hot car that's new, you gotta expect it. In some instances there've been dealers who held back on markups, but it's rare. If you can hold off, do so, and test drive other cars in the meantime.
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    Personnally for my first car I would want a junker. Cheaper insurance and you can ding it up and beat it to death without a care.

    The Civic and Solstice are two completely different animals, so you really need to write out what you want to get out of your car.

    99.9% of the time only a roadside kit or subs have been in the trunks of my cars, so trunk space isn't an issue (Dad has a F150 incase I need to move anything). It's just me and my girlfriend and all my friend's have cars, so I only need to cart along 2 people max. I perfer RWD over FWD in the snow (hate my wheel being jerked when one wheel gets traction and the other doesn't).

    Reliability... the only thing I had to do to my 89 TransAm GTA was replace the tranny at ~150,000 miles, which probably have more to do with brake torques and treating the trottle like an on/off switch than anything else.

    As a daily driver, my Sol is working out prefectly for me. I'm 25 FWIW.
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    I think you guys are great.... you have definately given me much insight and I really wanna thank you for that.

    I think the winner in my scenario is the honda. because its versatile and hopefully, reliable. I heard it is a pretty looking car too, not to mention performance packed and good sound system. But i'm just afraid that they would run out of stock or dealers would markup the price. How long should i wait before i buy? what do you say?
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    Overall I'd go for the Honda even though I just got a Solstice GXP. The Solstice just isn't an "only car". You'll be hard pressed to bring home most spur of the moment decision stuff from stores. Two seats are a limitation that has to be experience for a while for it to sink in. Since I have a newer F150 and a beater Grand Am, the Solstice GXP is strictly a fun machine. Also, if it turns out to be a typical GM (not a compliment) I have other transportation available, unlike when I was your age and a dead car was the end of the world ;)
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    If you want a vehicle that feels like it will last for years, buy the Civic. If you are strictly concerned with looking good in your car and have another vehicle to be more practical, you might want to try the GM roadsters.
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    yea, like he said. If I could only have one vehicle it would be a Toyota or Honda, not a GM. Mix yourself a drink, pull up a chair by the fire with your Consumer Reports yearly guide turned to the GM auto section, and slowly shake your head in amazement :lemon: . I'm a dumbass & I know it, but at 51 I can afford to indulge myself a little and I really wanted the GXP. I drove a regular 2.4 Solstice last year and liked it except for the weak engine, so I walked away. Then they came out with GXP, and I took one for a ride. Sa-weeet! It's mostly the look, I just had to have it and that was that. Smart??? 'course not, but I've been to a few smart peoples' funerals in the last year and I just felt like doing something fun :shades:
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    he hee. I think we are ready to go pro.
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