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Honda Ridgeline Real World MPG Numbers



  • I just got a 07 RTS. My first fill up was 16.4 gallons and the odometer read 229 miles. It originally had 13 miles when the dealer filled it full. So I was shocked that it was getting 13.1 miles per gallon. I'm going to check the mpg's next fill up just in case the dealer didn't fill the tank all the way.
  • I just bought a 2007 Ridgeline. I have about 1200 miles on it. With very conservative highway driving (65), I'm only getting about 17 mpg. In the city, again pretty conversative driving, I'm getting 16.

    Can I expect my mpg to improve? Other than the MPG, I love my truck.

    Sure would appreciate your comments,

  • I just bought a used '06 RTL with 22,000. I've checked the mileage with two tank fulls. The first came in at 18 mpg and the second was over 20 mpg. I bought an aftermarket cold air intake. When I install it, I'll check my mileage again. I'll let you know if it helps.

  • Thanks --I sure would be interested in your results. I spoke to the dealer today and they were really of no help.

    How do you like your truck?

  • Have had mine 21 months and usually get 17 in town and 20-21 on the highway. Probably the best you'll get.
  • I have an '06 RTS with 9K miles on it. I use Castrol GTX oil with the stock Air filter and the tires inflated to 33 PSI. I average 17 around town and 21 on the highway. Worst was 15, best was 22. I recently installed a BAK-FLIP tonneau cover, but that has not made any noticeable difference in the milage. After driving Accords for years, paying for more gas is tough, but this truck is great.
  • 16 best, 13.8 worst - I have 900 miles on my 2007. I do believe it needs to break in and I have been driving so "gently" to get good mpg, I may be missing that engine break in. Also, no highway, all city so far. Major trip next week, will tell more.
    Note: has anyone tried a air intake system to improve mpg?
  • I asked my salesman point blank are the Ridgelines getting 17 MPG ? I told him I heard some Ridgeline Owners are getting alot less than the sticker. My saleman told me " Hey Honda wouldn't put that number on the Sticker if it weren't True" . So, I bought the Honda Ridgeline and I've had my MPG checked where I purchased it , and guess what? After I told the saleman I heard the Ridgeline is getting Poor MPG , I was Right. 10.896 MPG that's right. 2100 total miles to date and the best tank mileage has not been better than 12 MPG. Honda asked about my driving habits and I said I have not been over 60MPH and the Honda said it will get 16-17 in the city after 5 or 6,000 miles I said I can't afford it. I said buy it back and my salesman said I'm the first one he knows of , that's not getting at least 17MPG. Who do you believe? I'm trading for the Rogue of the CR-V which one , anyone know? Beware about the Ridgeline MPG otherwise it's a very solid great truck that I'd love to keep forever. But the $3.19 per gallon $68.00 fill-up for 11MPG don't work for me. What happen to bomb Irag get cheap oil?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Look, I've got 16,000 on a 2006. It will consistently get about 13.5 in town and about 19 on steady highway driving at 70-75mph. The top I've see is about 21 on the highway. I keep detailed records, writting down the milage and odometer reading and calculating the mpg on every fillup.

    Have you looked at your truck? It is a rolling brick. The front is a big squared off frontend and windshield. Look at the driveline. The wheel, hubs, suspension is pretty major sized stuff.

    And, it is 4 wheel drive!!!!!! It pulles a rear driveline and some part of a rear differential all the time!

    Exactly what did you expect? What kind of town driving are you doing to get only 11mpg?

    You didn't buy a Civic.
  • Since this was my third brand new Honda since 1990, I was expecting the fuel figures to be as represented. My 1990 and 2000 Civics both got (significantly) better than advertised. At the very least I was expecting the 16-20, especially with a 20 mile highway commute. I get about 13-15 with 70 percent highway. That's garbage as far as I'm concerned. As such, I likely will unload the truck. By the way, I've had it since April and have 13,000 miles.
  • I was concerned about the mileage on my 2008 Ridgeline when the first three fill ups (not counting the one based on the dealer fill up) ran 16 mpg, 16.5 and 17 for a 1200 mile trip. Once I went over 1,000 miles on the vehicle the next three fill ups ran 20, 20.5 and 21.5 for freeway driving at a non-constant speed due to Holiday trafffic. The truck was loaded down due to my relocating to another state. With clothes, iron weights, dishes, tools and etc., I had at least 700 extra pounds plus my 200 pounds. So far I am very satisfied with the mileage. I do have the cargo area cover.
  • dstromdstrom Posts: 13
    I'm retired after 45 years in the retail automobile business. One of the regular complaints I receive from customers was regarding poor fuel economy. I found there are a few things that everyone needs to consider regarding this subject as follows:

    1. The mileage figures posted on the vehicle are provided to the manufacturers by the EPA. They ARE NOT from the manufacturer. The EPA conducts THE SAME tests on every vehicle and publishes the results for consumer COMPARISON PURPOSES ONLY. Manufacturers are required to post these on the vehicle. Don't blame the manufacturer for the figures.

    2. Fuel economy is a product of vehicle design, driving conditions, AND the driver's skills and habits. If two different people drive essentially the same vehicle under the same or similar driving conditions and get different mileage results, the difference IS THE DRIVER. In my 45 years experience I have never found a vehicle that I couldn't get to achieve the EPA posted fuel economy results, and I drove hundreds. I used to take customers with me while I drove their vehicle to demonstrate to them how to achieve the maximum fuel economy. Most customers would say, "But I don't (or don't want to) drive that way." Bingo! There's the problem. It's a choice, your choice.

    I have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline with 25,000 miles on it. About 1/3 city and 2/3 rural driving. Over those 25,000 miles I've experienced a calculated and recorded 20.3 mpg average. My best was 23.7 on the highway and my worst 11.9 towing my 4,500 pound pontoon boat.

    Suggestions, things I have done, to improve economy:

    - Inflate the tires to 2-4 psi over specs (36-38 psi) They roll easier.
    - Be sure to use synthetic oil and lubricants. Less friction.
    - Install a low restriction air filter element (K&N or other). Better breathing.
    - Use the heater's "Economy" mode whenever you're not using air conditioning.
    This turns off the AC compressor lightening engine load
    - Use the Cruise Control whenever possible. This eliminates accelerator "pedal
    palpitations" (on and off the gas) which are far and away THE BIGGEST
    "Driving Habit" enemy of fuel economy.
    - Drive the speed limit. OK, I don't really do this but when I do I'm always
    amazed at the improvement in fuel economy (and the decrease in stress)
    Try it.
    And, most importantly,
    - DRIVE "GENTLY." My father taught me this years ago. Coast into traffic
    lights and stop signs. Accelerate slowly. Etceteras.

    Good luck, have fun, enjoy.

    PS: Did you ever wonder why the top of the Ridgeline's tailgate is a couple of inches lower than the sides? Originally, it was the same height but Honda's windtunnel tests showed that the vehicle's aerodynamics were best with the height lowered (I talked with Honda engineers). In fact the vehicles aerodynamics are best with the tailgate up. Installing a cargo area doesn't help at all. It desn't hurt either.
  • Hello dstrom,

    I am a Mechanical Engineer and couldn't agree with and say what you said better!

    I looked at and compared the Honda Ridgeline to the Dodge Dakota, and eventually went with the Dakota, primarily because I wanted the manual transmission, which gets slightly better mileage and I could control the shifting. (For all you readers, an automatic trans must work off of hydraulic pressure and guess where the power comes from? The engine! And along with the frictional losses the convenience of not having to shift affords you, by nature it is inherently more efficient. You pay for everything.) But, back to your comments and the subject, I was surprised to learn that my Dakota came with a "computer" that displays among other things, mpg. Resetting it at fillups and never resetting it inbetween, it has been better than 95% correct when comparing the results to my manual methods over the last 7,000 miles. I ordered my Dakota (4x4, Quad Cab, 3.7l, 6-spd man) custom to order, did not get the bigger tires or gear ratios, and have added a cap which did drop the mileage when first installed, but a custom deflector shield, (designed and installed by myself) along with what you stated have allowed me to attain a worst tank average of about 17.5 and a best of 20.7, 20% city / 80% highway driving. It is rated at 16/20. (It was purchased for long trips for my wife and I and our three dogs.) While driving, I find that if I keep the mpg display on, I can gauge my driving habits and see the immediate results on the display. Cold mornings, truck barely warmed up and 10's, 11's and 12's appear if the tank was recently filled. After it warms up, the impact is much less and highway driving shows a steady increase if you keep the speed below 65, (this drives my wife NUTS), use the cruise control, accelerate gradually and, as you stated, have properly (or 2-3 psi slightly above) inflated tires. A good tire gauge is a must.

    (Note: Next time you are driving, take a look at other car's tires. You would be surprised at how many people drive with visibly underinflated tires. It doesn't take much to drop the pressure by 3-5 or more psi, and just 3psi is 10% of 30psi! Unless you check them regularly, your's may also be under.)

    If your mileage is really off the charts, have the vehicle checked. If nothing is found, look behind the wheel. If it kills you, get/use a smaller vehicle with better mpg when you don't need the truck. Days of cheap gas are over. Higher gas $ are here to stay. Use your head. There are worse things to be upset over.

    Fairfax, VA
  • I have read of some owners getting really poor mpg numbers on Ridgelines. Seems odd that Honda would have such wide numbers due to their quality controlled engine manufacture, but...........if you're getting under 11, I guess you would know. I drive mine at mostly cruising speeds in very little stop and go and manage to get 18.5 to 20 mpg consistently. When towing a 3,000 lb. Hi-Lo I get 14.6 consistently, sometimes a bit higher. I would bring tire pressure up to 34 psi all around for starters, and keep the revs below 3,000. Stop and go really seems to affect mileage in these trucks but I have never gotten below 17 mpg. Something is not "kosher" with your RL.
  • Milage check: Highway travel with lots of slowdowns and stops on secondary roads. Temperature: -18 Degrees Centigrade with some snowy roads. Speed was 100kph at cruise. Moderate driving. With the wind. 230 Kilometers
    24.25 MPG (imp) 20.2 (US)

    Return trip, pulling empty 5' X 10' utility trailer (500lbs), against the wind. 110kph at cruise. No special measures taken to increase efficiency. Against the wind.
    23.0 MPG (imp) 19.1 (US)

    Existing odometer: 48,250 Km (30,156m)

    The fuel efficiency of my '06 RidgelineRLS gets better with time and use. This experience is mirrored by my wife's '06 Civic EX which has become more efficient over time and Kms..

    I expect my summertime miliage will be better as I will not have driveline drag due to cold temperatures.
  • Wow! This is really good information. I am looking at trading my 04 Dodge Ram Q/C 4X4 on either a Tacoma, Dakota, Frontier, Ridgeline. My Ram will get the same or better mileage than reported in some of the posts on here. I think I will go with the Dakota, regardless of how superior Nissan, Toyota and Honda say their vehicles are. Or maybe just stay with the Ram for another couple years.
    Thanks for the insight!
  • For the first 1,800 miles I have gotten no better than 14.5 mpg. Now I admit that I routinely drive 70-75 mph. My driving habits are 85/15 highway city. My latest tank I am driving no faster than 62.5 mph with "tame" acceleration :mad: and it does not look like I am going to get more than 160/320 for half and full tank mileage. Honda has a good engine but at this rate, I'm dumping the Honda and going back to the tried and true Nissan VQE in the Murano.

    This is my first Honda purchase and I am not happy at all with the gas mileage. My vehicle did sit on the lot for 6 months, so maybe something is up with the air filter being prematurely bad
  • I have a 2007 Ridgeline with a little over 10,000 miles.

    The mileage before the first oil change wasn't much better than my OJ Simpson Bronco with the big V8.

    When I had my first oil change at 6500 miles, the mileage went up to 15-18 in town and 20 plus on the road.

    It gets better mileage on long road trips with the trunk loaded, the inside loaded and both my wife and I in the front.

    We just drove from the wine country to San Pedro fully loaded for a cruise and back. The first tank averaged 23 mpg. The second tank inspite of heavy traffic down 405 and back on 405 averaged 20.5 mpg. Average speed was between 65 to 70 when we were out of the slow traffic. We had the AC on for about 2 hours on the return trip.

    It was cold when we left and both front tire lights had the warning lights on re low tires. The Big O guy filled the tires to what was recommended, and he said that we should get better mileage.

    I fill it with the lowest price regular gas. There appears to be some variance with the Safeway gas getting the best mileage. The next best mileage is from a generic station on the way to some of my fishing spots. The Costco mileage is all over from the low to a fair high.

    A friend of one of our sons has the same 2007 Ridgeline year/color, and his mileage was terrible until his first oil change. He has over 24 k and gets very good mileage in town and exceptional on the road with full loads. He has a friend with over 36 K on his Ridgeline, and his mileage improve slightly to the 30 K and stabilized.
  • I didn't buy the Ridgeline. I didn't buy a Toyota or a Nissan either. All I heard from these dealers was how bad their competition's vehicles are. I bought another Dodge Ram, quad cab 4X4 with the 5.7 litre hemi. It will do anything I ask it to do, while getting 20.8 MPG. And the dealer did not bad mouth any of the imports.
  • bjgw66bjgw66 Posts: 16
    Jewillm, Hope the dakota works well, its too bad to hear that about the dealers in your area, here its kinda strange I think; I VERY rarely hear about anyone cuttting down the other guys. (we are all living/working/having families here, trying to earn a living while we do it. I just do my job)

    There are a few points I would like to say, (bummer, I forgot his name... the retired guy after 45 years of the business.(congrats)) but he said alot of very good stuff. one that he failed to mention I thought that we would surly souch on is NEW... a new engine takes a little while to brake-in all of them do, they always have, I sell hondas and there are 4 in my near by family driveways; Grandpa has an 07 CR-V 4WD with around 12k on it, my wife has an 08 with about 4,500, and we get no were near the same mpg... (grandpa is a lead foot) we get 22 most of the time, hiway trips 40-75 minutes we have done better than 30 (the SUV hypermiling family)

    My dad has a certified used 07 Ridgline RTL and before we bought it, we put the A.R.E topper on the truck, his drive to work sucks, its only about 6 minutes and its one stop light, the truck barely gets warm, but he still gets around 18.5 most of the time, we took a 1500 mile trip and he avg 23.4 (all hwy from MN, to AK for some late duck hunting, and back) we dont have numbers about the truck when it was new, but I hear at work the 14-17 is about it for the first 7k.

    I cant wait to get 10k on my wifes CR-V and see if we can keep the avg over 24!

    the 4th Honda is mine, and I beat the crap out of it... its an 89' prelude. and I have never once check the MPG on it... I have had it about a year and maybe put 2,500 on it. (weekends only)
  • I don't understand owners' "disappointment" with the gas mileage with the Ridgeline. My 3 year old Ridgeline with 30,000 miles consistently gets within the current EPA 15 city-20 highway estimates (usually surpasses the highway estimate by 2 MPG on extended trips). It has averaged 17.2 MPG on regular fuel during it's life. It's not a hybrid. It's a 4000+lb. truck!
  • Thanks for your input. I was very disappointed with the import dealers around here.
    I too spent a lot of years in the automobile business, including 12 years with a major Japanese company as a District Service Manager. That was twenty years ago. Times have changed...
    I didn't get the Dakota. We bought another Ram. Very nice truck, and during it's first 273 miles, it burned 13.1 gallons of gas. That comes out to around 20.8 MPG. I expect it will do around 22 once it breaks in. Most of our driving is in the mountains. Not a lot of city driving.

  • What type of mileage results are we getting on 2008 ??? First tank 16MPG suburban 60% HWY 40%. Looking for drivers who take it easy not the lead foots. All results are appreciated.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Has the motor or transmission changed since Ridgeline introduction in 20005? I don't think so.

    Just read back thru the previous 58 entries here, this should be about the same for 2008 models.
  • Hey, I just bought a 2008 RTX and have driven 60%/40% hwy/city and have driven with almost never getting above 2000 rpms and averaged 12.5mpg. They said that they filled up the tank at the dealership but I doubt that very much but unless they underfilled the tank by 3 gallons I still did not even get 15mpg. I topped off the tank this time and I will let you know how it works out. If I do not get above 15mpg I will be contacting the dealer and probably getting rid of this thing. I wanted a truck but not for 12.5mpg, especially when my brother's V8 hemi is getting over 15mpg and he is not careful with his driving at all.
  • The following is what I got
    Tank 1 15.9 50/50
    Tank 2 17.5 50/50
    Tank 3 18.7 80/20
    Tank 4 19.99 95/5
    Tank 5 21.03 85/15
    Tank 6 21.4 85/15

    Average since purchased 18.7 MPG total 1800 miles since purchase. Took a trip to Chicago last weekend and average speed was 71 MPH on the highway.
    When I drive I do slow starts coast to red lights and try to time them by reducing my speed. I started doing this with my Sienna and seen a 20% improvement in gas mileage. Driving around the Twin cities I hope to average 19/20 MPG when broken in. I think I should be able to do 23/24 on the HWY. I do not impede the flow of traffic by my driving, just take it easy and watch my starts and stops.
  • I got rid of my RAM because 5,000 pounds of truck got 14.8 tops, and that was driving it like granny. I like Chrysler trucks, but they have never been gas champs. 4.7 V8 was working hard all the time. My Honda 3.5 has the same hp and weighs 500# less, so it is more responsive--plus 4th and 5th gear are overdrive. After being in the Ridgeline for a year now I notice Honda's improvement in the mpg department as I just passed the 13000 mile mark. Last 3 tanks were 20.5, 20.3 and 20.3, which is xlnt for the ride I get. Nice job Honda.
  • eddiemeddiem Posts: 6
    You need to do and consider 2 things when talking about mpg's.

    1) The engine needs time to break in, typically 5-10,000 miles.

    2) You really need to fill up and record mileages over a couple of tanks. Gas (winter blend), vehicle position (how much gas did you put in? was the vehicle level, or listed (tilted) to allow more or less than the last or next time you filled up), and your driving habits for that period need to ba averaged out.

    I have a 2007 Dakota with 3.7 v6 & 6-spd manual. My average for the first 8-10,000 miles has been 18 mpg, with highs in the low 20's. My lowest tank was in the 15-16 range. Recently, it has crept up to 22-23 mpg, primarily hwy driving. I accelerate moderately, keep my speed below 60 and have changed to all synthetic fluids and regularily use STP (Gas Treatment & Complete Fuel System Cleaner; as the car (engine) ages, it should break in, but deposits begin from day one to start to push the efficiency in the other direction. It is my theory, but it makes sense to keep it clean rather than pay to have an "Induction Syetem Cleaning" done @ $175-$200 every so often.)
  • namakan59namakan59 Posts: 9
    19.68 50/50 HWY /City 22.43 35/65 HWY/City Total since purchased 2500 miles
    18.95 MPG. 700 Mile trip tomorrow see what the HWY brings at 75 MPH.
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