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NTSB Finds Tesla Autopilot Partly to Blame for Fatal Crash | Edmunds

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imageNTSB Finds Tesla Autopilot Partly to Blame for Fatal Crash | Edmunds

The NTSB has concluded that the fatal crash involving a 2015 Tesla Model S last year was at least partly due to its Autopilot system.

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  • contheoncontheon Member Posts: 16
    The issue is not who or what is to "blame". That's the wrong standard. The question should be what did the driver or system do to prevent the accident. With that standard, both failed in this case.

    It's time to end the media and industry hype concerning self driving or semi self driving cars. There is not a single level 5 system being tested. Fords new CEO, previously responsible for their self driving effort, stated the media has over hyped the current status. Take the wonder technology out of flat states with no rain and you going to see some real problems.

    Wake up.... before it's too late.
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 57,130
    I see it as a misleading name. It's not a true "autopilot", it's just an advanced driving assistance feature, similar maybe not as intensive systems can be found on numerous cars (many of which cost far less than the ridiculously subsidized fancy egg). Lots of hubris from promoters and fans of that brand.
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