2018 Suburban Equopment & Option Questions

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Does anyone know:

1) What speed transmission the new suburban has (I know some of the Tahoes have a 10 speed vs. the old 6 speed)?
2) If forward automatic braking is available?
3) If the surround vision (like the new Equinox and Traverse have) comes standard, as an option, or not at all?
4) If the camera in the rear view mirror (like the new Traverse) comes standard, as an option, or not at all?
5) Why you can't put a power retractable assist step or front recovery hooks with an RST package?
6) If it has the same 5.3 L V8 as the 2017 (Tahoe RST, for example, has a 6.2 L option)?
7) What addition information is displayed in the enhance driver information center option vs. the regular driver information center option?


  • skilskil Member Posts: 13
    OK, I was able to figure out the answers to the following:

    1) Apparently it's still a 6 speed transmission with the 5.3 L V8.
    2) Low-speed forward automatic braking is standard on LT and Premier. There is an additional option for automatic braking on Premier that I assume is for higher speed.

    I'm still not sure on the other stuff.
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