2014 Mustang - I'm lost in electrical...

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Got a 2014 mustang v6 6 speed manual. My mom took the car for a short drive and called me to tell me all the dash lights came on. She brought it back immediately and I saw that the dash lights were still lit up. (All of them) abs, tpms, oil, seat belt, air bag, temp, battery, I mean all of them. So I shut it down locked it. Waited ten seconds to semi-reset and it started no problem with no lights. I drove it over 50 miles to North Scottsdale and back and nothing. Let it run in the driveway for a while and they came back on. I took it to AutoZone to have it scanned but the scanner keep trying to read, coming back error, trying to read, coming back error. For five minutes the scanner did this before I said screw it and tried to go home, but the car wouldn't start until I actually got out again and locked it, waited 10 seconds and then got back in and it started.... No lights... So I went home and am trying to figure out what to do.
Any help, information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! 


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    This is one of those scenario's that is going to come back and haunt consumers. What you are describing suggests that something is disrupting communication between modules on the high speed CAN databus. There is more than one network on the car and while the factory tool and most professional level tools can utilize the medium speed CAN bus for communication, the generic code pullers usually cannot. It may even be that what ever is disrupting communication might be taking down all of the communication between modules when the problem occurs.

    Right now someone needs to access the system while it is working and pull codes from every module on the car. By categorizing what codes are being generated by each module it may be possible to narrow down which module (if there is one) is responsible for disrupting communication. The problem from there is even if it can be proven "who" is responsible, the car will have to act up and testing be performed during the failure to prove why.

    So why are problems like this going to haunt consumers? It is and has been very expensive for shops and technicians to get tooled up and trained to do this kind of work, so expensive in fact that few have made the investment. Shops that didn't make that investment tolerated the lost potential income from the work that was lost to other avenues a lot easier. In their eye's it was a logical decision at that time and they through cheaper pricing thrived but now they aren't really capable of helping you. The people who could help you efficiently are few and far between if they have even managed to stay in business. You can try and see if you can find a qualified shop through the iATN database. https://iatn.net/repair
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    I was at the point of thinking it was the computer, but I changed the key faub battery, it did it one more time and hasn't done it since. Thanks for the information though! 
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