1996 Cavalier - Car dies completely while driving and starts back up

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I have a 1996 Chevy cavalier about a week ago I pulled I'm my driveway and put the car in park I say with it idling for about 5 mins then the car just died I reatarted it to make sure it would start and it started right away but then the emergency brake light was on. It sat over the weekend and on Monday I was headed to work it started just fine however half way to work my radio shut off just got maybe 10 seconds and my airbag light started flashing. When I would stop at red lights it would act like it wanted to die ( however it never did) so today 10/03/2017 I was on my way home from work it was dark and I noticed that my headlights looked liked they were diming when I would let off the gas and brighten up when I would hit the gas about 5 mins later my speedometer went to zero my radio shut off and all my lights went of even headlights in the dark my car completely shut off I had no steering or anything within seconds everything came back on without me doing anything.. What can this be??? Ive googled so much I'm lost. Please help


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    Mbrooks98Mbrooks98 Member Posts: 1
    Hopefully someone can help me, my car runs fine and starts up fine to, but if I take off before my temp gauge reaches the first line, when I push my clutch in to start breaking my car begins to rev down to about 300rpms and itll ride it out and shoot back up to the normal rpm. I've replaced the spark plugs and the coil pack.
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