fuel line check valve failure causes hard starting

eenglish99eenglish99 Member Posts: 26
edited October 2017 in Nissan
I had this "repaired" under warranty once and now it's back. It looks like they replaced one crappy part with another crappy part. Symptom is hard starting. When you shut off the engine there is supposed to be a check valve that keeps the gas from draining back to the tank. If you turn the key almost on (the dashboard lights are on) and wait a few seconds (evidently this starts the fuel pump) it starts immediately. If you do a normal start it cranks a while until you get enough gas to start. I had this "fixed" under warranty but the "fix"evidently is to replace it with the same crappy part. Anybody have any experience as to whether this is a recall or do I need to pay? I assume you need to pull the gas tank to change the check valve. I hope you don't need to also replace the pump which seems to pump OK. For those who have had this done what is the price range? Normally you try to get an OEM part but since the OEM part is bogus I will look for a non-OEM. Since this has happened to me twice I assume this will have happened to everyone at least once. I only have 113,000 on it. Any recalls or class action on this?
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