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I have a 2004 expedition and swapped out both outside mirror with the one with turn signals. The procedure was quite easy and they just pluged into the harnes. My question is, I went to turn on the turn signal and they won't work on either side of the outside mirror. Is there a step I left off, or something I forgit to do?


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    anyone else buy a late 04 or early 05 eb expedition . Third bullet on sticker states
    dual fold heat/power mirrors,yet they don't fold
    check your sticker.... Ford is not answering my inquiries any more. Dealer was sure they folded.
    They are as confused as I am. My fifth new Ford suv. Third from this Dealer. Yeah I'm aware that the only broshure I could find states only Limited get power folding mirrors. The description on all other stickers is changed.
    Does anyone out there have power folding mirrors asoriginal equiptment on 03,04,05. EB. Exped.
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    If you want feedback from other owners it's best to post your message in the main Ford Expedition discussion. You may also be interested in 2004 Expedition outside mirror swap.

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    Please let me know if you obtained a solution to this problem. I swapped the OEM mirrors on my 2003 Expedition XLT and floow the same steps. I was told by the delaerships that there is a eadditional wire for the turn signal. Unfortunately I purchased the mirrors on ebasy and cannot return them. So, the only alternative I have so far is to have either a aftermarket place to see if they could wire the turn signal. I requested a wiring schematic from the dealership but they gave me the run around. So, currently i'm driving with mirrors with no tuyrn signal. I was wondering if I could contact ford directly to obtain a wiring schematic? :cry:
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    I have a 2003 Expedition XLT. I bought EB mirrors with the turn signals right away 4 years ago - put them on and the same thing happened - no turn signals either side. I recently decided to get them working. I have the Ford wiring diagram.

    Here's the deal. Ford did not run the additional wire on XLTs for the turn signals. Save money? A little less copper?

    You have to hard wire the the wires from the new mirrors to the wire bundle under the dash.

    There is an aftermarket mirror company that has instructions that are very similar:
    link title

    I got the drivers side working right away - first try I probed the correct wire - white/green. I ran a jumper wire through the flex rubber between the door and the door jam and spliced it into that wire. Works great.

    What I've been trying to find is the white with blue stripe that is supposed to be the left side wire - no luck. I've probed every wire under there. Does anyone know how to ID that wire or am I looking in the wrong place?

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    2000 Expedition, EB XLT. 77,000 miles.
    My driver-side window has terrible squeak upon roll-up/roll-down.
    Any suggestions I might try at home before I take it in to a shop for servicing?

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    Mine had the same problem. I took the door panel off, and sprayed silicone lubricant on any and all moving parts of the window. It helped out 90%. Take off the panel then reconnect the window switch so you can listen to where the sound comes from, then lube that section.
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    ok. I'm not sure if anyone else have noticed. I have a '05 Jetta 2.5. I have read the manual inside out and found all the features of the mirrors (self-dimming, heated outside mirrors). 3 days ago, I was at a soccer field waiting in my car for other players to show up while also on the phone. There were few guys kicking the ball around. All of a sudden, one of the guy kicked the ball over the goal post and the ball came at my car with 30-35mph or more and the ball hit my side mirror and i noticed immediately that the mirror bent. I thought it broke. When I stepped outside to check, i figured the mirror folds. So i went to the passenger side and slowly apply the force to fold that one too. I was surprised after driving my car for nearly 2 years. I thought I knew my car inside out with all d features. This discovery forced me to go back and read the manual again and nothing about folding mirror popped up in there. The thing now is, is there a button to auto fold this that I'm not aware of? or the VW engineers expect me to manually fold this mirrors everytime?
    If you have '05 -'07, please double check to see if you have folding outside mirrors. Please be very careful while trying this. Apply pressure gently and progressively otherwise, you might break the mirror.

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    Consider reposting that information in either Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier or Volkswagen Jetta 2006+.

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    This is really a shipping convenience. Think of the space that is saved by folding the mirrors, now multiply that time 50+ cars in a ship's hold and you have space for more cars.

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    When the sticker reads dual folding power/heated mirrors, it is referring to the fact that the mirrors can be folded manually. All expeditions have manually folding mirrors. If you pull the mirror towards the window, it will fold in. This is convenient for parking on narrow streets to prevent someone from taking your mirror off. However, on Expedition Limiteds and Lincoln Navigators, these mirrors are power-folding power/heated mirrors. This means that if you pull straight back on the driver's side mirror adjustment knob, the mirrors should fold in automatically without having to get out of the vehicle to do so. Once again, as far as I know, this feature is only on Expedition Limiteds (I'm unsure of King Ranches, but it's not on Eddie Bauers, XLTs, or XLSs) and Lincoln Navigators.
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