How to find honda accord serial number with touchscreen

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I have a 2015 Honda Accord EXL with a tocuh screen display, I gave the gar for a paint job for a week, when I started the car the radio was asking for code.
I asked the autobody shop and they said that the car would not start so they had to jump it.
Now Honda has a website using which you can find the code but they need the serial number and VIN.

I am not able to find the serial number, it is nowhere in the car or with the manuals (bought new).
The press 1 and 6 is not feasible here as its touchscreen.
Called the dealer and honda 800 both were of no help.
I have tried the press and hold power button and that didn't work.

I did find one info for 2015 civic where the owner pressed and held Power+Eject+Home and was able to get the serial, however in accord I don't see a Home button.

Please help me finding he serial number.
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