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Alarm system keypad

baynebayne Posts: 2
Trying to locate keypads for a GuardAlarm 2 system. The keypad remote # is 1309944. I can start the car without one, but you have to open the door, let is scream for a few seconds, disconnect the battery, turn the key in the start position then re-connect the cable. Unfortunately, the radio is bypassed and you drive around hearing that annoying whinning sound you hear when the door isn't securely closed. So I guess I need to know if there's anywhere to get the keypad I need - I understand Volvo doesn't handle anything for the '93s anymore.....HELP!!!


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds like a tough one. Try asking in the Volvo Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion as well.

    Someone is bound to ask why you don't disable or disconnect the alarm. Is that not an option?

    Steve, Host
  • g1n1d22g1n1d22 Posts: 2
    On a 2003 Ford Mustand, can you run a hot wire to the coil to bypass the security system?
  • g1n1d22g1n1d22 Posts: 2
    Is it possible to disable the alarm?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try the Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier) discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • trouble3trouble3 Posts: 1
    I tried to start the truck with a key made at the hardware store, instead of the key with the computer chip in it. Everything shut down.

    How do i reset it?
  • cdanyowcdanyow Posts: 4
    u can only bypass security by buying special security bypasses which u should be able to buy at your local alarm shopp or what ever
  • me_hardyme_hardy Posts: 1
    I accidently washed my 1st set of car keys with the remote. The remote doesn't work anymore. I have to keep my 2nd set of keys handy to use the remote. Is there any chance that I can purchase another remote from the dealer without installing a new security system?
  • davmesshdavmessh Posts: 3
    My wife has a Volvo 940, about 17 years old, and a warning light has appeared on the dashboard which looks like an upside down Y in a green triangle surrounded by orange. As there is no handbook I don't know what it is. Any-one help please?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've spilled a glass of ice tea on my cordless phone station more than once. I've also intentionally dunked keyboards in the sink. I take the cover off, drain the water and let the gizmo sit for a day or two. So far everything has come back to life.

    Running the fob through the washing machine may be more than it can handle, but I wouldn't give up immediately.

    Try eBay for spare remotes; a universal one may work too.

    Steve, Host
  • I lost a remote pad for my 03 Hylander. When I went to the dealer to have it replaced, their estimate was $235. I hope there is an alternative!
  • gabarkgabark Posts: 1
    I have a 97 jetta and cant get the door locks and alarm systems to work where does the door alarms take power from. I can lock the doors from inside on the dash controll but all the doors wont lock from the drivers door only the drivers door will lock and the alarm wont work. the little red light on the door panel wont come on. can you send me aelectrical digram showing where the door locks take power from
  • Hi All, I'm having a problem starting our 98 Pontiac Sunfire with an after market car alarm from Best Buy. (It's was installed eight years ago). I replaced the starter about a year ago with a re manufactured starter. I just had the battery tested and charged. The symptoms are, when the key is turned all the way forward to start position, all the ignition lights that are suppose to come on are on, but no start. There is no cranking of the starter or engine at all. I hear, what sounds like a little hum, which I think is normal, when I turn the key forward to the on position. I've had problems in the past with the alarm not wanting to disarm when pressing the disarm button. Or after disarming, I turn the key and no start, but the Alarm LED light is flashing indicating the alarm is armed. I push the disarm button again and it starts right up. I see what looks like three wires going from a part of the alarm system to the starter. How can I disconnect the alarm so that we can start the car? It's hard to tell which wire is the factory ignition wire. Thanks :shades:
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Here is the update. I was able to disconnect the alarm, according to the manufactures instructions, with no luck. Still doing the same thing. I haven't given up yet. Since I know that the battery is fine, I'm going to take off the starter and have it tested. (Going to try hitting it with a hammer first to see if it will start.) I remember for the past month or so, how the car would take three times to turn over, when she sat for more than two days of not being started. Maybe this was a sign of the starter going bad and I misdiagonised the problem.
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    It wasn't the alarm at all. It was the starter. I hit the starter with a hammer a few times and she started right up. After five days of this and about 4 hours of my time total, I was so happy that I had figured out the problem. I was going to have the car towed to the dealer for them to figure it out. So the fix really only cost us about 6 hours of my time and about $10 in parts to reconnect the alarm system. :)
  • ljm1999ljm1999 Posts: 1
    I had to replace the alternator on the 97 Volvo 960. Now you can put the key in and turn it, but nothing happens at all. And, yes the alternator is on properly. Dealer says the car's security system is locked and needs to be reset, but of course want to charge me a ton to "look at it." Does anyone have experience with this issue and know how to reset it or how to fix this problem.
  • We just replaced the starter, the distributor cap, the wires and plugs, and then the car alarm went off about 2 days later. We don't have the remote key pad anymore. The ignition will not work and the lights flash if we don't just unhook the battery. The dealer says to find someone who knows how to work with wires or bring it in.
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