Anyone heard of MQVP aftermarket parts?

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I was recently rear ended in my pickup. The tailgate was down due to slightly improved gas mileage. So, when I got hit, it mashed the pins and mounts on tailgate and truck. It left a hard crease in the area of the mounting pins on the tailgate. The Body shop tells me the tailgate needs to be replaced. So here is my dilemma. The Insurance Company wants to replace the tailgate with a MTVP tailgate, but the Auto Tech refuses to use that brand. The Auto Tech says I would have to go back to the body shop twice a year to have adjustments made to the tailgate. What I would like to know is this: Has anyone ever had one of these tailgates in the past 4 years? And if so what is your opinion.


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    Is that a local outfit? I did a quick search and couldn't find anything about MTVP.

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    I don't know Tidester. The Insurance company ( Allied through National) said they have been using them for about 4 years now. The Insurance guy also said that the Body shop I got the estimate through is going to start carrying that brand. The Auto Tech told the Insurance company that I would have to go in 2 X's a year to have it adjusted. If that is the case, then that is not good for the tailgate or my truck, and I don't want to waste my time dealing with that, and I don't want a tailgate that is going to be ruined & ruin the tailgate mounts in my truck either.
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    I understand your dilemma. It's hard to understand why the insurance company would insist on using parts that Auto Tech (i.e. the people who should know!) refuses to work with.

    Being close to Montana, I'd expect MTVP to show up somewhere close to me. If you can provide any other details about the company I can continue to look - I'm curious now! :)

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    I just got the pprwork from the Insurance and it's actually MQVP. Hearing it over the phone it sounded like a T. And as far as the Insurance not wanting parts the "Experts" want, is just because they want to save some money. But everybody knows, the person who hit me is going to have their rates raised, so what difference does it mak?? My husband thinks Insurance Companies are rackets, run by racketeers, and days like this I have to agree.

    So, anyway, if anybody has personal experience with MQVP aftermarket parts, ESPECIALLY Tailgates. Please let me know. I want to keep the value of my truck, not destroy it with a bad part.
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    You can find out about MQVP here and this page has contact information. I recommend doing a Google search on MQVP to get other perspectives such as this article.

    I hope others here will be able to provide you with first hand knowledge of MQVP. I am a little concerned that their web site hasn't been updated in almost 3 years.

    Good luck!

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    I hate sifting through a bunch of legal drivel. I have just spent an hour on the computer looking for info on aftermarket parts. And, all I have found out is that MQVP is actually just an approval stop for aftermarket parts. MQVP and CAPA are both just places where parts are looked at, then approved or denied the MQVP or CAPA quality seals. There is no way to know before hand who made the part that your going to get. There is also serious lack of information on the MQVP website, I couldn't even find complaints. Thanks for your interest Tidester. I appreciate the help.
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    Here's a couple more links for you:

    Are you entitled to brand-name repair parts? (

    And check out the Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents discussion; I've gotten some good advice in there.

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    BAH ! This is tedious. I spent 4 more hours on the comp. last night looking for MQVP. What a bunch of baloney. MQVP is actually just a company, very similar to CAPA, that studies, crashes, and checks aftermarket parts to make sure they are comparable to OEM, as far as "fit and functionality" are concerned. Which is OK, but like Tidester found out, all the info on the site is EXTREMELY outdated. Not only that, but of all the references to CAPA I found, show it to be "Benignly negligent." Keystone Auto is the manufacturer of the Tailgate the insurance wants to use, and I can't find anywhere on their site where their parts are either CAPA or MQVP certified. Any way, if it all works out, this is what I think i can end up doing. My hubby used to work @ a 4X4 dismantlers. They carry all sorts of parts, & even though the parts are from totaled vehics, the parts they sell are warrantied and are also OEM, also they don't sell a part until it has been dismantled and given a thorough once over to make sure it is in perfect working order as well as being sound and strong. I know the owner of the shop and I feel comfortable ordering from them as I know how much the guy prides himself on offering high quality parts.
    Thanks Tidester and Steve for your help and for allowing me use the forum to search this problem out. Hopefully, somebody else will read this and have used MQVP cert. parts and can tell me if they are good or bad.
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    My name is Mark, i would be glad to offer any MQVP related assistance. My previous post was deleted by the site moderators because i listed my email address and website, so depending what they will 'let' us post here, i will do my best to provide assistance to those who seek it in regards to the MQVP Program.

    Mark W. Hindelang
    MQVP Inc
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    MQVP is short for Manufacture Quality Vehicle Parts. They are actually OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture) parts sold in special deals to the dealers and at a bargain price sometime less than after market parts. You bad mouthed insurance companies like most people do that don't have a clue. Not being smart just realistic, what if it was you hit the other guy and managed to really hurt someone or worse yet killed them. do you think you would have the resources to pay the $35,000 for the Life Flight? What about the $190,000 for the emergency room and hospital? What about the $10,000 for the funeral? What about restitution? Think before you speak. There are insurance companies out there that only give a hoot about the cost of the repair and how cheaply they can get it done. Did you know that After Market parts (like the oil and air filter you use and probably the bug shield, window guards, tonneau cover side rails and on and on) in the auto body industry carry a life time guarantee and have to pass more stringent tests than the manufactures OEM parts? I know what your answer is, "no I didn't". If you are able to use your computer, use it and do some research. You are paying for someone else to handle your problems if you ever need them like life insurance (only pays when you die so what good is it). By the way, if the tailgate doesn't fit properly you can request the shop replace it. Be careful though, I have gotten many OEM parts that fit worse than the aftermarket one.
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    My name is Mark Hindelang, I am the Director of Distributor Client Services with MQVP Inc. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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    Hello Mark,
    my name is Dusan. Can you help me with parts for Infiniti FX35? Thanks for answer,
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    You need parts in Slovakia? What kind of parts are you looking for?

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    Thank you for your message.

    How can I be of service? are you looking for parts to purchase for your vehicle?

    please see for a list of participating MQVP approved distributors. I may be able to help you locate a site near you to purchase these approved parts. However, your insurance company must also be an approved participant.

    Kind regards
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    :shades: Brad,

    I know alot about MQVP. They certify aftermarket parts ONLY for Nationwise Insurance. There products are mostly from Taiwan. Almost all of the parts sold by MQVP and CAPA, are distributed through the aftermarket by two companies called Keystone and Action Crash, who then sell them directly to body shops. For what its worth CAPA has been accepted by body shops more readily than MWVP.

    Some background on insurance companies. Almost ALL insurance companies SELL and MUST sell aftermarket parts to remain competitive. The major insurance company that does NOT sell aftermarket is State Farm due to a class action lawsuit filed against them. I believe they are currently pursuing an avenue like CAPA part certification to start selling aftermarket parts again. Take it to the bank; since the State Farm class action lawsuit ALL insurance companies are placing HUGE requirements on aftermarket part manufacturers to have evidence of OE compliance that is so stringent OE would probably fail these tests. One thing thatwill drive aftermarket parts to higher and higher quality levels is the fact that the OE's do not have any enforcement of there replacement parts like the aftermarket manufacturers do. They can pretty much sell what they want to because their customers are themselves.

    As far as finding out who the manufacturers are for MQVP or CAPA parts is almost fruitless; they are in Taiwan and their names are meaningless to determine who made the part. Example; xyz comapny makes your tailgate. they then sell it to man/distributors ABC, ACME, and Fred Parts Inc.
    You could then buy 4 parts from 4 different companies and actually they are all from the same run from the same manufacturer. Common Taiwan practice. Also there is the exact opposite example where all 4 have there own product. So with this in mind you can see why it is impossible to determine who makes what.

    Get used to aftermarket parts because there will be more and more a/market parts bein gforced on body shops by the insurance comapnies. Rest easy though because the quality is much improved from the past and in many cases betterthan OE.

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    aftermarket man, i just left you a private message, this site was kind of odd, so not sure if you will get it or not.

    how do you know so much about this mqvp company? i searched their website and did not find any of this information you spoke of. are you a body shop or parts distributor?

    i had some problems with some parts and my insurance company and im researching my options (potentially legal).

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    been a while since ive been here, but the sega continues apparently.

    Anybody hear on the street lately whats been going on with low quality parts, and uncertified parts. Im not talking about aftermarket performance parts and mods, but repairs on cars after a crash or accident where OEM parts may or may not be used. Lots of lawsuits going on in the industry where our nations largest parts suppliers and insurance companies are ripping off body shops and policy holders. These distributors are being backed by the trickery of the insurance companies and are passing off parts and mis-representing them to be high quality, when they absolutely know they are not. Are they just trying to make the sale? now with the latest NHTSA recalls on safety parts, these players are spiking the data and not performing the recalls on time or with accurate data.

    seems like from these links that MQVP is in the forefront of all this. These parts distributors and insurance companies are trying to push them out of business so that they don’t come to the table with the data that will expose these companies for the years and years of fraud.

    im told bodyshops all over the nation are starting to receive these notices .

    Sure makes you wonder whats going on doesn’t it?

    this was also in the newspaper today :

    has anyone else felt they had illegitimate parts installed recently?
    what gets me, is that the insurance company executives know it.

    Counterfeiters exposed ---people need to simply google keywords MQVP + Counterfeits + keystone + lawsuits

    Be safe out there! 
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