2007 Porsche Cayenne

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Seems odd that Porsche would introduce a restyled Cayanne right after announcing a new Cayenne Model (The turbo S - Think the I-Ching of SUVs)

I luckily dodged the bullet with this one - I was really close to buying one of these late last year, with the reassurances by the Salesmen that they wouldn't be doing any major redesigns for a few more years so the vehicle wouldn't look dated for a while... so much for that..

Thank god I saw this link on Edmunds http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/FVDP/Preview/styleId=100518582
It's saved me a lot of grief from having to trade in my car just a year after getting it..



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    Good call. I was suprised that they would launch a 2007 model with the old body style as well. Have you heard anything about when the restyled Cayenne might appear in dealers? Everything I can find says this Spring, but no one seems to know anything about it. Also any more detail on what the improvements will be?

    I find it shocking that Porsche stil doesn't support blue tooth phones when so many states have made hands free a law. Audi has blue tooth in all its models. Aren't the related? I believe the Q7 (a 7 passenger version of the Cayenne/Tourag) comes out this Spring.
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    I haven't heard anything about the Q7 - only the post I saw in edmunds.com about the '07..

    I'm actually not sure I like the headlamps in the spy picture for the '07 - The hood looked a bit nicer... the spoiler was probably the sportdesign add-on (would be really nice if it was an included option.)

    What I am really interested in is a stronger v6 from Porsche... The one it has now is shared with the V6 Touareg - compared to an Infinity FX35 (or 45 for that matter), it is a v6 I find somewhat lacking. Doing a 300HP v6 shouldn't be that much effort for Porsche... If Infiniti/Nissan can be close to it for their FX/XTerra/Pathfinder models..

    As for when it may appear, I spoke with my dealer, and he said that they "may" start taking orders in the fall of 06 for the 07 model... but they won't have a demo till at least September/October 06. This is up in Canada, of course, so these things usually come to the US earlier than up here.

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    Also not certain about BT - it's not a huge thing up here in Canada - as far as I know, there is no legislation to enforce handsfree use for anything - it's just illegal to use your cell phone while driving (at least I think it is here, in Ontario)

    I talk on the phone all the time, and have never been stopped for it yet (knock on wood).

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    Just a quick update here - Just saw the Audi Q7 at the auto show up here in Toronto - It's very nice, but reminds me a bit of a stretched out Lexus RX 3xx or 4xxh. (Sort of like a higher grade Cadillac SRX or Ford Freestyle. Also, the specs on it said that it was on the Touareg/Cayenne platform... it just doesn't look like either of them.. The V8 was due out in Canada in Summer of 06, with the v6 out later on in the fall as 2007 models.

    It's very car-ish, but still have a very nice interior. The new nav/climate/radio controls look to be a direct competitor to BMW's i-Drive system (one large knob that you can click like a mouse, and select things in the system computer) Unlike the BMW, this knob spins all around, not with a 90 degree spin curve with springs at either end of the turn...

    Otherwise, looks neat.

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    I just spoke with my Porsche sales guy yesterday, and he said there are no current plans that he knows of for any redesign of the Cayenne bodystyle for 2007.

    He hinted that the spy pics were too early and that the next design would look 'significantly' different from those... he said they had heard 2008 was a more likely date for the Cayenne.

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    is much needed in some people's eyes.

    If you read the Porsche Cayenne forum, many people really did not like the looks of the car....

    I think a redesign may help the image , literally and overall, of the Cayenne.

    I do not see much difference in the new design...so it is more of an evolutionary modification....

    The car is still one of the best performing SUV's on the planet....
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    I was told yesterday, Sunday, by a Porsche sales manager that the Cayenne Turbo will be discontinued in 07'. With the new styling and increased power, the "S" will be the model to take over the spot along with the Cayenne and Cayenne Turbo S. Not sure if this is the case but that is what I was told. Any one else hear the same?
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    How about 9k off sticker on 06 Turbo, sound like enough?
    6% financing for 60 months on the balance too. Is this a juicy enough deal to go for it or not.
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    A national newspaper is looking to interview Porsche Cayenne owners who would like to talk about their satisfaction with the brand. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Friday June 23, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information with the make and model Porsche you own.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
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    Here are what appear to be accurate pictures of the facelifted 2008 Cayenne:

    http://www.caranddriver.com/carnews/11502/spied-facelifted-2008-porsche-cayenne.- html

    Frankly, if that's what it looks like, I won't be replacing my '04 Cay S with it. I may be in the minority here, but I think the present Cayenne looks much better, and actually fits in better (looks-wise) with the rest of the Porsche line up. The rear isn't so bad, but the front end is just terrible IMHO on the new Cay. Too bad that there's no interior pics.
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    I agree...frankly I like the whale shark look of the front end of Cayennes .

    my cayenne is running nicely....no problems,,,,

    tons of fun....

    road trip time !!!
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    I am not much of an artist or stylish person but I like the rounded lines all throughout my '04 Cayenne S in basic black looks very Porsche and has the "Porsche DNA". This the more square lines for the front looks like they just bolted on the front end of a 995 Carrera and the vertical fog lights is ... well horrible IMHO! :cry: The tail lights is also too square and the "bumper around the tail exhaust pipes looks bolted on too. :confuse: Porsche DNA mutation in the wrong way??
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    Holy crap. Porsche has done the impossible: it actually made the Subaru B9 Tribeca look good in comparison.
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    would one get a Cayenne or a Subaru B9 ?

    NO contest....
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