Next Used Compact SUV; RAV4/Subaru Forester/Mazda Tribute?

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Soon to buy my next 4WD, VERY happy w/ '97 RAV4. WOuld like something a little quieter, maybe a smidge more room and "pep" but these are 2ndary. CRITICAL for me is fuel economy & reliability, also clearance for our "off road" 1/2 mi. driveway & sometimes unplowed roads. I hate a "swimmy" ride, like the tight handling on curvy Mtn. roads. I put about 35 thou miles on per year, and want to get ahead of the paydown/depreciation curve; i.e. get the thing paid off before I hit 200K miles so I can build $ in the bank for next purchase. I figure a 2002 or so model gets me in desired price range of $13-$18 thou'. Suggestions anyone? Much appreciated!


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    Hi, I'm no expert, but i just bought my first compact SUV 2 days ago...2004 Mazda Tribute. Of the compact SUVs I looked at (CR-V, Escape, FOrester, RAV4) it seemed the most roomy passenger-wise, although the inside spare raises the back a bit for cargo. The V6 gives it good pep but mileage is less because of it. Sounds to me like you might be a great candidate for the Forester...kind of an SUV/wago hybrid, but I've heard it performs real well in more difficult conditions.

    By the way, I got a 2WD Tribute LX and I was able to get it for under $15K (2004, 31K miles).
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    35k miles a year? Ouch! It does sound like a Forester would be a pretty good match for your needs. The CRV would be another possibility. For your price range you should be able to get an 03 Forester (which received a facelift). In fact you might be able to find an 04 X for between $16-17k.

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    looking for most versitale 4 wheel sub suv
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    to rsmbob: could you tell me what kind of gas milage you get from the 2004 Mazda Tribute? I have seen a pretty good deal on one, but I need great mpg. would appreciate hearing from you. thanks. [email protected]
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    Check the Ford Escape Mercury Tribute Real World MPG discussion too.
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