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Carmax - What's Your Experience?



  • I am in the same boat. Doing some reasearch on them. Looks like a great position. I dont believe I will blow the interview process, however it is best to be prepared.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    ****I found this on a**
    Job title: Buyer in Training
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Dates of Employment: 1/2006 to Present
    Submitted on: MAY 09, 2007
    Carmax is really a great company to work for as a manager especially.
    Currently, I work as a Buyer in Training and will be becoming a buyer
    within the next couple of months. I love Carmax, and the way that they
    care about their employees. As a management-type associate (all buyers
    are considered managers) you get UNLIMITED sick days, two weeks
    vacation (14 days) for the first year, great benefits, stock options,
    401K as well as pension! Hours for the buyer position are flexible and
    it's very easy to request time off. You do have to work some weekends,
    but the atmosphere is very relaxing. You get to wear shorts and Carmax
    polo shirt pretty much all the time. As a buyer, you will have to
    travel a bit (about twice a month overnight), all travel is reimbursed
    and you carry a company credit card as well as a company phone. They
    don't really care if you use the phone for your own use, in fact, they
    encourage it. After becoming a senior buyer (usually within 4-5 years),
    you will get a company car that you get to choose from the lot--you can
    demo pretty much anything--from H2 to Corvette, from RX hybrid to Camry
    and older vehicles. Carmax is really great and cares about its
    employees. During the interview you will be tested in intelligence
    testing (both analytical reasoning and english understanding vocabulary
    etc.) you will also be given an extensive personality quizes. You will
    have at least 5 interviews, but if you are selected, then you are
    definitely a great candidate and therefore your co-workers will always
    be competent. Even if you don't like your co-workers personality, you
    will feel like he (there are barely any 'she's' in the buyer
    department, mainly because job requires appraising vehicles, getting
    under the car on occasion and it's pretty physical, but we do have one
    female working in our department and she does a great job, admittedly
    she is not the 'girly girl' type of a person and does not mind to get
    dirty on occasion) is doing his job at all times.

    Opportunities for advancement are pretty much limitless. Once you
    become a Buyer in Training, then you can move to buyer (within 6 to 12
    months, depending on how well you are doing as there is no competition
    for this job, they want to promote everyone as it is less work for the
    upper management then), then to Senior Buyer, then to Purchasing
    manager, and then to VP of Merchandising. Basically, it's all up to you
    how fast you move up, but once you are a senior buyer, it is a bit more
    difficult to become a purchasing manager, but definitely not impossible.

    This is not an easy job. You will have to price vehicles, know
    everything about cars, study for advancement interviews and quizes, be
    responsible for how the front car lot looks like, train and hire
    employees (Carmax does not use human resources, you hire), learn and
    interpret reports and analyst suggested information, deal with other
    people in the store like the sales consultants whose boss you are,

    But, if you are willinig to learn, have high energy and management
    experience, this job is a great carreer.

    Salary: As a Buyer in Training you will get hired between $40,000 and
    $50,000 a year salary depending on your previous education and
    management experience. Senior buyers get anywhere between $50,000 and
    $65,000 with additional bonuses if sales and appraisals are doing well
    for the company. Senior Buyers get in between $65,000 and $85,000, of
    course you get raises every year and it is possible to get high bonuses.

    Overall, Carmax is a great company to work for. Relaxed, but not
    irresponsible. The purchasing department position of buyer in training
    is a great position with good salary and benefits. However, you need
    not be lazy and be a fast learner. Carmax is not known for firing
    people, they just move you to a different department. In our
    department, there is 0% turnover. Everyone seems to be at least
    marginally enjoying the job. We do work around 45 to 50 hours a week,
    but the hours are pretty flexible. I personally hate working Saturdays,
    but it comes with working in automotive business and retail.

    Either way, Carmax is a great option for those who like everything that
    they have read above.

    Good luck in your job search!
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    Thanks for finding that!! :)

    See here's the thing, I've been trying to get hired into the company for the past two years (been through about three interviews and put apps about five times) and I seem to be more nervous at more interviews I've been at. I don't know if my current company is to blame (by lying: to make me stay) or Carmax doesn't believe I work were I currently work?

    Anyway, I am customer and thinking that might be the issue. So I kind of want to test them; by not doing any type of business during those months. I want to try for Buyer's Assistant for part time hours. For the past month; I've been working least 100 hours each pay period with two different jobs. I know for sure I'm not going to slow down because I enjoy seeing extra cash flowing into my account and keeps me out of trouble. I think telling the Carmax interviewer that I work two jobs would have them realize I REALLY enjoy working & have good work ethics: which I do! It's not everyday; you see a 23 year old woman who wants to put in extra elbow grease and offer to work extra hours when company asks. :)
  • rts3rts3 Posts: 26
    I just bought a 3 year old BMW form Carmax. The car originally had 4 years / 50k miles BMW warranty. Out of that, it has 1 year / 14 k warranty still left. Over the phone, the Carmax sales person told me that they offer 5 year 60k extended warranty. However, when I bought the car, they applied the warranty from "Today", and hence there will be one year overlap with the dealer. This looks strange as it does not even fit the definition of extended warranty! Is it usual? Seems like I loosing 1 year warranty (Now I have 5 year / 36+60=96k instead of 5+1=6 years / 50+60=110k warranty)
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    That's how most extended warranties work.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    No, no, no. This is the most common misconception when it comes to a EW, and it is all due to the F&I guy being unable/unwilling to explain it.

    What it normally means is that they are turning your 3/36 into a 5/60. We are extending your 3/36 out to 5/60. So in stead of the warranty expiring 3 years or 36K miles form the inservice date it will expire 5 years or 60K miles from the in service date, which ever comes first.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    What it normally means is that they are turning your 3/36 into a 5/60. We are extending your 3/36 out to 5/60. So in stead of the warranty expiring 3 years or 36K miles form the inservice date it will expire 5 years or 60K miles from the in service date, which ever comes first.

    I was about to say the same thing but I saw your name there and figured you would straiten them out.

    Bottom line there warranty is up to 60,000 miles only.

    I would suggest to the person to cancel the warranty because they will probably be out of in a year. Should have a bought a CPO.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, I would not actually call it a 'misconception', it's usually more like a 'misdirection' by the saleman of the extended warranty.

    If the person doesn't know how they actually work, I feel many F&I people selling these things aren't going to give a through explaination of how they truly work before making the sale.
  • rts3rts3 Posts: 26
    No, the warranty will not run out in a year. Only the manufacturer warranty will run out in a year. The CarMax warranty will run out in 5 years (October 2012) and it starts from "today" (the day you purchase the pre-owned car and warranty from carmax). Thus the warranty expiration is neither five years from the day the car was first sold, nor five years from the day when the the manufacturer's warranty expires. It's in the middle! The CarMax and Manufacturer warranty simply overlap for 1 year in this specific case.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    The CarMax warranty will run out in 5 years (October 2012) and it starts from "today" (the day you purchase the pre-owned car and warranty from carmax

    Maybe I stand corrected. Just curious does it say that on your extended warranty contract? also who is the warranty under?If it is on the paper work it will list it when it starts and when it ends with the milage. I would be curious to know those numbers.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    I don't know how that would work but like you say we don't have a contract to read. I will call my buddy at Carmax and ask him in the morning.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    I don't know how that would work but like you say we don't have a contract to read. I will call my buddy at Carmax and ask him in the morning.

    Joel... I don't know what she paid but imagine she paid $1500 or $2000 for 5 year 60k mile warranty. That will be up in one year.

    Here's my other question does Carmax do their own warranties where you can only bring it to them if something breaks down?
  • rts3rts3 Posts: 26
    As I mentioned, my warranty information clearly says that MAXCARE plan starts from date of issue (10/12/2007) and ends after 5 years or 60k additional miles whichever one is earlier. Currently I have 36k miles on my car.

    I paid $1949 for it, and the Carmax salesman showed me on his screen that my warranty will expire on 10/12/2012 or 96k miles, whichever is earlier. The 3 year 36k warranty was $1499, and 4 year 48k was $1749.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like a warranty that can only be done at carmax. Which is good id that works for you.

  • About 7 years ago, I ended up buying a vehicle at CarMax and I got the extended warranty through them (yes, call me a sucker!). Anyway, the warranty was supposedly good at any repair shop. CarMax would reimburse the shop the cost of the repairs. This was an issue for me, since I was about to move to a state where the nearest CarMax was hundreds of miles away!

    Fortunately, I did not have a chance to test this out since I never had any repairs on the vehicle during the warranty period.
  • rts3rts3 Posts: 26
    Nope. The warranty is applicable anywhere. The only difference is that you play $50 deductible at CarMax and $75 deductible at BMW dealer.

    Also, the deductible is per visit and not per part/problem. So one can wait to go for the warranty service once you want a few collective items looked at.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Andrea stop banging your head against the wall! image
    I'm reading your posts and wonder why you are so obsessed with working for a company that does not want you as their employee. image
    Forget about them. Find something else. There are better things out there to do with your life. What else do you like to do?
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    LMAO!!!! Nice emotion icon LOL

    That's all I'm gonna say...

    Then on the other hand, that's how my current employer is. Nothing like telling your employees "Oh we care about your safety but we don't want to spend the money" or I personally like this one. Our managers will say "You should do what we say cause we (as in them as managers) take care of you." Last time I checked; the company's owners were the ones who signs our checks and not our managers also agreeing on our end of the year bonus.' Senior employees believe that those big bonus' are "Hush money" for dealing with alot of BS.

    The whole Carmax situation...
    I'm getting a kick out of this for my personal enjoyment. LOL Even the Carmax employees that I know even think it's funny. We always joke around about this when I see them.
  • OK I need some help here I bought a nissan extera 02 with 37000 miles on it on Sept 12 07. The day I bought the car I drove a total of 28 miles and the brakes were grinding. We took the car back and they put new rotors on the car but put the old worn to the metal brake pads back on it. The front end has had problems since day 1 also and the passenger window also. It is now Oct 31 and I have had the car in my possession for a total of 21 days. And it is still not fixed and it also has a really bad ticking noise in the engine. I seem not to be able to get anyone to understand my frustration with them having the car more than me. I get treated like I am a second hand person and talked down to every time I try to talk with a manager. We have also have learned that the car was a really bad wreck with the entire right side being replaced and not a good job at all paint parts not all the way on etc etc. The fools as much as much as told me straight out that they put a additive i the motor to get it to quite down. Now it is louder. When I called to get the same problems addressed they gave me an appt 2 weeks out as two void the 30 day warranty. Please help what can I do to get these people to fix my car. and quit lying to me and treating my like I am some fool.
    maybe I need to post a frustration video on my you tube site that gets about 230,000 hits a day 99,000 being form our city will that get their action LOL I am at my witss end but when they say we strive for word of mouth well I got a big mouth LOL
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Did you purchase the car at Carmax?

    Your best bet is to document every step in writing, including dates on which you called them to report the issues. You reported them within the 30 day warranty period, so you should still be covered. However, you need to keep written records.


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  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Don't they have some type of guarantee that there cars have not been wrecked or something?
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Yeah, I just looked at a 2007 Odyssey EX-L with 11k miles. They wanted $28998.

    I'm close to buying a new one for around $25500, maybe even a little better.

    Absurd. Anybody who pays their prices for 'near-new' cars deserves to get taken. And you will---like Grant took Richmond.
  • Actually you being a customer has nothing to do to whether to hire you or not, the buyers assistant job is particularly tough to find an opening for depending on the size of the store. I work at a smaller carmax store we have about 1 or i think 2 buyers assistants, they're currently attending school and once completed they will move into the buyer in training position. buyers assistant gets to see first hand and gets a good feel for what kind of job the buyers do so once you decide to move on to the next step you'll be more prepared and it'll be easier for you to know what's going on.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    I think I officially gave up on Carmax as future employer. Due to many factors like I currently work for more of a professional company, they will not compete to match my current hourly wage, Carmax's so called 2,500 reimbursement for school is some what pretty low compared to my current employer's 5,000 for a year. Face it, they won't be able to match my profit sharing, end of the year bonus, week goal sales bonus.

    I may work for privately owned corporation but we just our billion dollar mark back in November. But there's company rumor going around that we are planning on buying out another company that is public owned which happens to be a international known company, I will not say which company due to company privacy. But they are in the same company category as Carmax meaning retail.

    Lets just say my current pay is somewhere near what a 5 year experienced Service Consultant probably makes. And if I took at position I'll probably start off at 10.50. No way.
  • egkoregkor Posts: 24
    Where do Carmax sale vehicles come from?

    I understand some of them may come from vehicles sold to them by "walk-ins", I have walked in and sold 2 vehicles to them in past years. I also understand Carmax may choose to sell the vehicles (bought from walk-ins) at "auction" and not spend the money to sell them on the Carmax lot.

    So other than "walk-in" type vehicle purchases, I understand Carmax purchases their sale vehicles (inventory) from "auction". Can anyone share more info about this auction process? Where do the vehicles come from that get sold at the auction that Carmax buys from? For example, are the vehicles lease-returns, ex-car rental fleet, corporate fleet, ???

    I did a search on the Carmax web site for model year 2006 Honda Odyssey minivan, within 500 miles of my zip code. The search returned approx. 10 '06 Odysseys, with mileage from approx 20k to 50k. Some of these still with factory warranty remaining. Where did these vans come from?

    Thanks for any enlightenment on this.

    -Gary K
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    "Auction" vehicles are vehicles acquired by dealers through the trade-in process as well as various types of fleet, program, or rental vehicles. The Odysseys likely were new car trades. I doubt that Carmax auctions many vehicles purchased from a "walk-in" because doing so defeats the purpose of having bought them in the first place (to make money).
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    They get them at the same place every other dealer in the country does. They are not pickier in the process, they buy truck loads at a time here at the Auction.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    To be honest with you....

    I don't think Carmax is the problem. I sucked during my interviews; the more I did them the worst I did. I show them how nervous I am by stumbling on my words, I do very long answers to avoid the proper answer. My interview with my current company; I made jokes and the HR recruiter laughed out loud. She straight out said I was pleasure to interview...these Carmax interviewers never said that. I wore business suit each time except my first time (for detailing) and with resumes. Again, I didn't turn one in the first time. I made the second interview on the first ever interview.

    Another factor is...
    My current employer. It's been proven that people have lost a better job offer and they WILL fight to get you back. Several months ago, I put in my two weeks notice and week later our corporate warehouse manager (The big guy who is just below the company owners) pulled me aside and asked me "What will it take for you to stay?" My older brother works at the company too but he wants to move to Atlanta to be with his friends. He put his resume onto and somehow the 1st shift warehouse manager found out (probably HR.) He went to my brother and asked him in a very unprofessional tone "So Georgia huh?" When my brother told me about that, I actually wonder if Carmax did call my employer. Maybe something like this happened? "I'm from Carmax. (My name here) has applied with our store is she lying about current employment? How good of employee she is?" My company's reply hang up the phone or "She's terrible worker: Always late and never wanting to work" Just so they can keep me cause I am always at work, always early, always working.

    What they don't know is: I hate my job completely! It's boring, dead end, and sexist (many men believe warehousing isn't for females and they shouldn't be on forklifts.) In fact if they ever fired me on the spot; I'll probably yell back "Thanks I think you just my worst year of my life, more better for the good!"

    Who knows what could happened? ;)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    What not just call the people you dealt with at Carmax and find out what actually happened? You could phrase the contact in terms that you're merely trying to learn what, if anything, you did wrong during their hiring process. It certainly can't hurt to try.

    I will tell you that at least in my experience when I've selected a new hire that person usually is a pretty clear choice after narrowing 100 applications to 4-6 interviews.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    It's not that I'm terrible worker.

    I hate to admit this to people since I am from a generation that is known to be slackers.

    I LOVE to work...more work for me the more happier I am. I'm naturally active and I hate to stand or sit around doing nothing. If I do something incorrect; next time I know how it's done and follow it forever. I am the type that I describe "You want me to jump. Okay how high and how far?"

    Right now, my job requires me to sit on a forklift. I pick my orders and stack them the way we're trained. Every five-15 minutes; I get off the forklift and tag each single product for any pick errors. Then I throw all the stacks into a 53 footer trailer. When I first started; took me about 15 minutes to pick one page of six lines. About three and half hours to load up double stacks. Now, I pick about four to six pages in 15 minutes, hour and 10 minutes to load up trailers. Talking about zzzzzzzz

    I'm suppose to have only five errors for 30,000+ lines for the year but somehow I got 30 (I think the whole don't care about my job is the answer.)

    What do I have to do to get back to days and to a job that I enjoy doing??? Also challenges me at the same time?
  • egkoregkor Posts: 24
    I doubt that Carmax auctions many vehicles purchased from a "walk-in" because doing so defeats the purpose of having bought them in the first place (to make money).

    If Carmax takes a car in poor condition in trade to help sell one of their inventory cars, or buys a walk-in car in poor condition, wouldn't the car be a "reject" for sale at Carmax and therefore go to Auction?

    "Auction" vehicles are vehicles acquired by dealers through the trade-in process as well as various types of fleet, program, or rental vehicles.

    Is there a place here or elsewhere I can go to read and learn more about the Auction? For example, is there one big Auction or several small ones? How often do they happen?

    If I go to a dealership (or Carmax) in southeast Texas to shop for a used vehicle, I'd like to fully understand how and where the vehicle came from. I'd like to know (or deduce) if it was a lease-return, rental, program, trade-in, corporate fleet, etc. vehicle. And, I'd like to know if it came from a harsh-winter (salty) area of the country.

    Bottom-line is, I would like to get a better understanding of the "big picture" of where Carmax cars come from.

    -Gary K
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